Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

ICIS launches Europe’s first market-linked renewable hydrogen assessments

London, 27 September 2022 — ICIS, a global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, has launched the first hydrogen price assessments to reflect the market value of renewable electricity. This product will support participants with the intelligence needed to develop a liberalised clean hydrogen market and optimise energy transition resources.

European policymakers have earmarked the […]

Fortress Power Presents Their New Flex Tower

Flex Tower open (Courtesy of Fortress Power)

George Harvey

Fortress Power (FP) is a company that makes batteries with some fairly important advantages. It has been described in Green Energy Times in a couple of articles already, as we have looked into questions of mobile energy systems and battery backup for […]

Univix Power Solutions

Made in Laconia, New Hampshire

The Unix Power Solutions team of Ben Milner, director of sales, Chris Milner, CEO, and Vince Kerns, production manager. (Univix Power Solutions)

George Harvey

In May, we got an announcement from Chris Milner, CEO of Univix Power Solutions saying that the company was ready to do […]

No Need to Worry About Lithium

An ocean full of lithium (Silas Baisch, Unsplash)

George Harvey

As Green Energy Times publishes about the things we need to save the planet, we often cover batteries. Whether they be for grid energy storage, household resilience, or electric vehicles, the need for batteries is real. And right now, […]

AMBER KINETICS – The Future of Renewable Energy Storage

As the world moves away from fossil fuels, renewable energy presents a new, cleaner frontier in the energy storage landscape. The demand for decarbonization not only calls for lower carbon emissions but also environmentally friendly, ethical processes and low prices.

Many people think only of wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower dams when picturing clean […]

New Technology for Energy Storage

Highview Power cryogenic power plant for Vermont. (Courtesy image)

George Harvey

Our least expensive and least polluting forms of electricity generation happen to be intermittent or variable. We can bring them up to being highly reliable, highly responsive forms of energy by the simple addition of energy storage. But a question […]