Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Going Solar in Vermont

“We know that we face a planetary crisis with global warming, and that we must cut greenhouse gas emissions and cut back on fossil fuels,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is a member of the Senate energy and environment committees. “One of the greatest barriers that people face when they decide they want […]

PAREI Button Up NH Workshop

Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative

Please Attend

Button Up NH Workshop Thursday, February 7th Pease Public Library 6:30-8:00pm Refreshments provided by Local Foods Plymouth

The Plymouth Energy Commission, Plymouth Better Buildings and PAREI are hosting a free Button Up NH weatherization workshop where participants will learn basic building science concepts and learn […]


Innovative Co-op Solar Program Back And Better For 2013

Shelburne, VT – Senator Bernie Sanders, Andrew Perchlik from the Department of Public Service and CEDF, David Blittersdorf, CEO of AllEarth Renewables and Board Member of the Energy Co-op of Vermont, Tom Berry from Sen. Leahy’s office, Jon Copans from Congressman Welch’s office, and local […]

Wind is Supported by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

Burlington, VT – Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility released the following statement Wednesday:

Vermont must take the challenge of growing our economy while maintaining a safe and affordable energy supply seriously. We must address the urgent issues of energy scarcity, peak oil and global warming with the innovative action we are known for. We must […]

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s BE13

BuildingEnergy (BE) is the most established, most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high-performance building conference and trade show in the northeastern United States. NESEA’s flagship program, it’s an annual intergenerational gathering of professionals for three days of networking, accredited educational sessions, collaboration, and a high-level trade show. NESEA members drive the content from […]

Air-Source Heat Pumps, Part 2: Water Heaters

By Tad Montgomery

In addition to heating and cooling buildings, air source heat pumps (ASHP’s) can be used for the heating water. Conventional electric water heaters can be converted, but it is more efficient to use one made for the purpose. The ASHP typically draws heat from the basement where it is located and delivers […]

Passive Solar

By George Harvey

There an allegory about a certain man, who was walking through a construction site, when he accidentally kicked over a bottle that happened to be standing in his path. The bottle opened, and out popped a Jinni. “You have freed me,” said the Jinni, “so I will grant you three wishes.”

“Nothing […]

2013 — A Year for Essential Thermal Efficiency Investment

By Johanna Miller

Karl Tilden Insulates Walls

Vermont has a goal of improving the thermal efficiency of a quarter of the state’s old, leaky homes: 80,000 — by 2020.

Unfortunately, the state is far from meeting this target.

In March 2012, the Public Service Department convened a Thermal Efficiency Task Force (TETF) charged […]

Global Warming: Reality & Solutions for Vermont

Keep the Oil In the Ground!

Are you feeling the climate crisis? From Vermont’s extreme weather events to the severe droughts of the Midwest to the vanishing Arctic ice sheet, it is hard at times to stay hopeful about the future of our planet. Hope is found in our collective actions and […]

LEDdynamics – Vermont Lighting Manufacturer

By George Harvey

Vermont can boast that in addition to ski slopes, dairy farms, and its other attractions, it has a lighting manufacturer at the leading edge of technology. LEDdynamics is based in Randolph, Vermont. A prominent statement at their web site tells us clearly what they have achieved in their field: “It’s Easy Being […]