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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Demo and Forum – Thursday, May 15

Electric vehicle (EV) use and availability is increasing throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. EVs produce much less carbon than gas powered cars, at an equivalent fuel price of about $1 per gallon.

You can learn more about and test drive EVs at the Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Demonstration and Forum, Thursday, May 15, at the […]

Reminder: Mt. Washington Auto Road Alt Energy Summit

“Mt. Washington Auto Road Alt Energy Summit” Event Will Showcase Full Spectrum of Both Mainstream and Newly Developed Alternative Energy Based Vehicles and Technologies on September 14-15, 2013 for Demonstrations and Drive Up Northeast’s Highest Peak

PINKHAM NOTCH, NH—Given that once experimental alternative energy technologies have now become mainstream, an event with a […]

Smart’s Fortwo EV Leasing for $139/ Month

Affordable Leasing EV Style

Reposted from CleanTechnica:

Have you ever imagined yourself in one of those smooth, cool Smart cars? Or, even better, have you imagined yourself in one of the electric versions? Your EV dreams are alive, well, and affordable. You could be be driving around with a clear conscience thanks to new cost- […]


by George Plumb

Connecting the dots with increasingly devastating storms, forest fires, droughts, and rising sea levels I have been asking myself what more can I do to personally reduce my carbon emissions. I already heat with wood, generate my own electricity with an AllSun Tracker, drive a high gas mileage […]