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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Letter to the Editor – The Hub

To the editor:

We very much enjoy reading Green Energy Times. We get it at our local Glens Falls, NY YMCA.

The Hub. Courtesy photo.

We thought you may be interested in knowing about our recent solar installation in support of a business. Two AllEarth Renewables solar trackers were installed […]

Eating to Cool Off

Cooling Food

By Linda Prout

Yin foods cool us off and yang foods heat us up, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is good to know when temperatures reach triple digits or you are uncomfortably hot. It’s also helpful in winter when you can’t seem to warm up.

Yin […]


A Solar-Powered Stage in Warner, NH

The Stage. Photos courtesy of Katherine Nevins, Main Street Bookends, Warner, NH.

By N.R. Mallery

The Jim Mitchell Community Park, in Warner, New Hampshire, opened to the public on October 10, 2010, through the efforts of the non-profit MainStreet Warner, Inc. This Park […]

Superfresh! Organic Café

By George Harvey

In Brattleboro, Vermont, Superfresh! Organic Café is rapidly coming to its first anniversary, having opened for business in its current location on January 18, 2014. During that year, the café has earned quite a reputation.

Superfresh! Organic Café specializes in a very specific sort of vegetarian food. It is vegan, […]

Queen City Pops

Green Energy Times staff

Sarah Carson claims she was raised on a diet of chocolate and ice pops. Whether we take this as hyperbole or not, one thing is certain – she has made herself expert on the things she loves.

Seeking more knowledge and experience, she studied with an accomplished chocolatier in Michigan, and […]

The Common Man

By George Harvey

When he was a young man, Alex Ray had an unusual set of interests. They included his chosen profession, the hospitality business. They also included a love of old buildings of many kinds. In addition, he was interested in the environment, efficiency, and sustainability. Finally, we might also mention that he really […]

August First Bakery and Café

Bread on Wheels

By Alyvia Covert

“Bread for sale! Fresh bread!” rings through the air in downtown Burlington, VT, as goods from August First Bakery are sold along the streets. However, this delivery is a bit unconventional as the freshly baked goods arrive on bikes. It all started with cargo bikes, five years ago, on […]

Dining in the green…

at The Colatina Exit – Bradford, Vermont

By Alyvia Covert

“Mangia Bene, viva bene!” Translated, “Live Well, Eat Well” is not just a motto to refer to the menu at The Colatina Exit — it also applies to the environmentally friendly practices this restaurant carries out to ensure that living well and eating well includes […]

Dining … in the Green

at Ariana’s Restaurant is Memorable

By N. R. Mallery

Martin Murphy is the chef-owner of Ariana’s Restaurant, at the Bunton Farm in Orford, New Hampshire. A passionate lifelong goal with over thirty years of experience have finally allowed Chef Martin to create a nice warm and friendly space where people can enjoy each other’s […]

Dining and Lodging — brought to you sustainably

… from the sun that shines above

Staff article with contributions from Frederick Greenhalgh, Digital Marketing Manager for ReVision Energy, LLC

Shire Inn Riverview — Woodstock, VT

This is a classic old inn, nestled in a picturesque historic town. The innkeepers, Vince and Dorothy DiCarlo, are committed to preserving the environment in this old building, […]