Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Tesla Keeps On Truckin’

Tesla Roadster 2.0. Tesla image.

By George Harvey

Readers of Green Energy Times will probably recall an article that appeared on the front page of the October issue, “New Tesla Semi-Truck” (). We had expected to go to press with an article on the new Tesla truck, which was scheduled to […]

Tortorice’s Tips

Snow On Your Roof…Do You Treat the Symptom or the Cause?

Snow build-up and icicles can damage your roof. Proper air-sealing and insulation can help avoid this problem. Photo credit

By Bob Tortorice

Believe it or not, snow build-up on your roof is caused by the lack of heat escaping to it, […]

Burlington 2030 District Private-public Partnership Created to Address Climate Change

Leading Burlington, Vermont businesses and institutions have committed over 3.6 million square feet to participate in the Burlington 2030 District, a private-public partnership working to reduce building energy consumption, water use and transportation emissions 50% by 2030. By establishing the economic case for the necessary reductions, the District helps property owners increase asset value, reduce […]

Understanding the Sustainable Supply Chain

By Alex Popp

Many green building programs put a heavy emphasis on not only the sustainability of a building once it is built, but increasingly so on the sourcing and management of building materials in an environmentally responsible way. Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC), sometimes referred to as “cradle-to-cradle,” is the standard term to reference […]

Weatherizing The Upper Valley

Round Two Launches in January

Most basements have no air sealing or insulation around the band joists. Installing foam insulation and air sealing around the edges is one option for reducing the heat loss and the infiltration of cold air into the home. Courtesy: Efficiency Vermont.

By Paige Heverly, Vital Communities

After a […]

Robbing Our Children’s Future

[photo removed]

Evacuees wade down a flooded section of Interstate 610 as floodwaters from tropical storm Harvey rise Aug. 27, 2017, in Houston. Credit: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

By Dr. Alan K. Betts

The weather this past summer was a wake-up call. It was exceptionally warm across the western United States, and […]

Advanced Wood Heating: REV’s 5-Year Plan

Road through a managed forest. Public domain

By Barb and Greg Whitchurch

On November 2nd, Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) held a press release event to announce their 5-Year Action Plan ( The event was hosted by Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea Co. (VAC&T) at their brand-new, wood-heated headquarters in Waterbury, Vermont. The 5-Year […]

We Can Warm Our Homes Without Warming the Planet!

Rally for renewable heat in Albany calls for swift transition off oil and gas and for New York to ramp up investment in heat pumps to reach climate goals

The Renewable Heat Now Campaign Rally. Photo by Erik R. McGregor

By Lindsay Speer

Albany, NY – As lake […]

The Vermont Bun Baker

Vermont Bun Baker 750

By George Harvey

Many people who cook with wood stoves absolutely love them. It is an entirely different experience, in which the stove itself almost seems to be a living thing, with its own soul, the goodness of which it imparts to its food in some mystical […]

Responsible, Affordable, Light Industrial Heating with Wood Biomass

Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea Company in Waterbury, VT. Photo Joseph Architects.

By Barb and Greg Whitchurch

On November 2nd, Renewable Energy Vermont held a press release event to announce its 5-Year Action Plan. The event was hosted by VT Artisan Coffee and Tea Co. (VAC&T) at their brand-new headquarters in Waterbury, VT, […]