Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Despite COVID-19, More Than Half of Cleantech Firms Still Planning to Recruit in 2020

Hyperion Executive Search Surveyed Impact of COVID-19 on Cleantech

AUSTIN – Results from a recent survey conducted by Hyperion Executive Search, a global talent acquisition company that works exclusively with clean energy and e-mobility, found that despite COVID-19, most cleantech companies plan to expand in 2020. Sixty one percent (61%) of the cleantech […]

Sustainability in the Days of Coronavirus Event

Communities and campuses are adjusting to the pandemic with sustainability and social justice in mind. Topics include: leadership, food, diversity, health, and energy. Friday, June 26, 9am-2pm Register Here FREE. Limited to 100. Agenda

Despite COVID-19, atmospheric CO₂ concentrations still reached a record peak

Despite #COVID19, atmospheric CO₂ concentrations still reached a record peak in May. If we keep emitting CO₂ into the atmosphere (even if 10% less than last year), the atmospheric CO₂ concentration will keep rising…


Is COVID-19 a Precursor to Climate Change?

The new coronavirus molecule. Image: Wikipedia

Jessie Haas

As Earth Day approaches it’s clearer than ever: We’re all in this together.

That’s always been true on the only living planet we know for sure exists, but COVID-19 has taught us to see it and say it. Who is important now? Everyone, but […]

Thank You Coronavirus