Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

International Becomes Local

at Global Climate Conference

Youth protesting against the pollution of the world. (

Rob Werner

The city of Glasgow, Scotland, became the center of global climate change action negotiations during the first two weeks of November. The agreement that emerged from many rounds of intense discussions among nearly 200 nations has been met […]

Off-shoring Our Carbon Emissions Responsibility

John Bos

Many world leaders and activists expressed disappointment with the climate deal that emerged from two weeks of heated climate change negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland at the 26th COP. They warned that countries will have to strengthen their commitments if they want to avert disastrous consequences and help at-risk nations cope with […]

A Realistic Path to a Bright Future

Teacher and group of toddlers drawing at kindergarten. (Adobe Stock/297900139/

Jim HansonEarth Instituteshot 3/10/2005

James Hansen, 3 December 2021

Why is nobody telling young people the truth? “We preserved the chance at COP26 to keep global warming below 1.5°C.” What bullshit! “Solar panels are now cheaper than fossil fuels, so all […]

The surprisingly hopeful moral of the UN climate summit

Carl Pope

From my perspective, last month’s UN Climate Summit in Glasgow (perhaps better known as COP26) was not an operating room, something designed to treat and cure a dying world; it was more like a clinic, affording a chance for the patient to find out just how bad the prognosis is. Reading between the […]