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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Vermont Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Biodiversity and Support Climate Resilience

On May 5, the Vermont Senate passed legislation to protect biodiversity and improve climate resilience (H.606). The bill passed on a unanimous voice vote. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature. This policy was a recommendation of the state’s Climate Action Plan, adopted in December 2021. This bill is a top […]

Finding and Redressing Flood Risk Inequities

On July 29, 2021, rainfall and subsequent flooding caused a significant landslide dangerously close to a young family’s home. (Photo: Joseph Endris.)

Michael J. Daley

Even with a heroic effort to turn every bit of cropland, pasture, hay field, and barren ground into forest, a unique study of flooding in the […]

Climate Breakdown is Accelerating Rapidly

Here are the warm and cold temperature anomalies for the 850 hPa temperature forecast by the ECMWF model on March 1 for March 6-11. Notice the large shifts of ±6ºC (±11ºF) across the U.S., between cold in the west and warm in the east.

Alan Betts

A new IPCC report on […]

Talking Trash

Birds fly over the piles of garbage at the Fresh Kills Landfill in 1993. (Image courtesy of the Staten Island Institute Archives.)

John Bos

TRASH Noun: “discarded matter; refuse.” Synonyms: waste · waste material · refuse · litter · garbage · debris · junk · dross · detritus · sweepings · dregs · […]

Storytelling Helps Overcome Barriers to Adopting Climate Solutions

Amelia Nuding shares with Colleen how the public can get involved in clean energy adoption and water conservation in her video interview for (Photo: Colleen Ward)

Colleen Ward

I grew up in beautiful Colorado and experienced multiple impacts of climate change firsthand. They have shaped my passion to communicate and […]

Climate Change and Local Action

In February 2021, Texas experienced some of the coldest temperatures in parts of the state in more than 100 years. (

Dr. Alan Betts

In December 2021, I reviewed how little progress was made at the Glasgow COP26 talks on reducing carbon emissions that are driving extreme climate change. The fossil […]

USDA Highlights Accomplishments to Combat Climate Change In Rural America

USDA Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture

On January 18, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development, under Secretary Xochitl Torres Small, recently highlighted a-year of accomplishments to combat climate change and increase resiliency throughout rural America.

“At USDA, we know people in rural communities are on the frontlines of climate change […]

International Becomes Local

at Global Climate Conference

Youth protesting against the pollution of the world. (

Rob Werner

The city of Glasgow, Scotland, became the center of global climate change action negotiations during the first two weeks of November. The agreement that emerged from many rounds of intense discussions among nearly 200 nations has been met […]

Vermont Must Better Protect Water and Soil

…climate change has negatively influenced many factors affecting water and soil health in this state,” said Jon Groveman, Policy and Water Program Director at VNRC. (Courtesy photo: Bob LoCicero)

Three Vermont environmental organizations requested in late November that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (AAFM) review its Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs) […]

Initial Vermont Climate Action Plan is Adopted

Brian Shupe

On December 1, 2021, the Vermont Climate Council adopted its initial Climate Action Plan on a strong 19-to-four vote.

The Council has been working incredibly hard to meet the statutory deadline of releasing its initial Plan on December 1st, which they accomplished. Next up, far more outreach is needed with public engagement […]