Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

New Climate Extremes

Hurricane Ian’s catastrophic storm surge was so powerful that it piled up boats on land in downtown Ft. Myers, Florida marina. (Dylan Federico)

Dr. Alan Betts

Extraordinary climate extremes around the globe that appear to reflect the Earth’s perspective on climate have continued since my last update in August. After talking […]

Is Achieving 1.5ºC Possible?

This Tuvaluan girl is holding her sign at a site she picked as an example of environmental degradation. Tuvalu is expected to become covered by the ocean in under 25 years, displacing the entire population. (

John Bos

How do we talk about issues that really matter, such as our climate […]

Local Author of They Knew Calls for Transformation to Overcome Greed and Apathy

James Gustave Speth

Roger Lohr

James Gustave Speth, who lives in Strafford, VT and is known as Gus, gave a talk to his neighbors at the Universalist Church in town regarding his life and thoughts on environment and related politics. He has been quoted that today’s environmental challenges and climate change […]

Balance of Power

By Leah Wittenberg. (

Janis Petzel, MD

Greenwashing, gaslighting, lying, cheating, criminality—whatever you call it, Big Oil has done it and is doing it still. Petroleum companies’ internal documents in the 1970s recognized that fossil fuels would need to be eliminated to prevent serious climate disaster. Did they act responsibly with this information? […]

Greenland’s “Zombie” Ice Is Melting Fast

Glacier in Greenland. (Annie Spratt, Unsplash.

George Harvey

Recently, we have been hearing about “zombie ice.” It sounds scary, but that is what the people reporting about it want you to understand. We should take a look to see what it really means.

Greenland has always had a lot […]

Can We Ever Become Sustainable?

The April 25 – May 2, 2022 issue of Time Magazine focused on opinions about capitalism being the cause of our climate crisis. Photo illustration on the magazine cover is by C.J. Burton.

John Bos

The media, like Time Magazine’s recent “Earth Inc.” issue, is full of opinions about […]

Book Review: To Be a Water Protector

To Be a Water Protector: The Rise of the Wiindigoo Slayers by Winona LaDuke

Fernwood Publishing, Published December 2020, 320 pages

Review by Joanne Coons

The book To Be a Water Protector explains the connections of water and our Earth systems. Simply put, healthy water means a healthy Earth. Author Winona […]

What Can One Person Do?


Janis Petzel, M.D.

Let me let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to suffer, go broke, or eat outlandish food to take personal action on climate change, no matter what internet rumors tell you. In fact, as weird weather gets worse and the price of electricity and gas go […]

The Importance of New England Forests

Conserved forests like those around the Quabbin Reservoir provide clean drinking water to millions of New England residents without the need for filtration plants. (Clarisse Hart)

John Bos

There was a time in New England, once heavily deforested in colonial days, when it became one of the most densely wooded areas […]

Accelerating Climate Change And The Living Earth

Black coal deposits and operating mines in Australia (Aussiemaps)

Dr. Alan Betts

As climate change accelerates, we are seeing many extreme events which have never occurred before. I am going to discuss a set of these and put them in the context of the Earth. Fifty years ago, I realized we […]