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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

We are at a Climate Crossroads of Opportunity

A glimpse of the light: Pittsford, Vermont, December 1, 2020. Photo credit: Alan Betts.

Alan Betts

We are at a climate crossroads. This is a time of real opportunity, when we can let go of the past, and do what needs to be done to deal with the climate, sustainability and extinction […]

Climate Refugees and Regional Sustainability

Wolfger Schneider

In the fall 2020 issue of Green Energy Times, John Bos familiarized the readership with “climigration” and the ever-increasing rate at which climate refugees in New England (NE) are seeking new safe havens. At our co-housing community in Vermont, we have seen a ten-fold increase in real estate requests within the last year […]

Two Lights at the End of a Tunnel

John Bos

In a startling Tweet that went viral, Jodi Doering, RN, a nurse in South Dakota, described caring for Covid-19 deniers, patients who believed the coronavirus was a hoax. During a rare night off, she lamented on Twitter, “I can’t help but think of the Covid-19 patients the last few days. The ones that […]

Cutting Emissions to Zero Could Save the Planet

Peat bog, a champion for drawing down carbon. Michal Klajban, CC-BY-SA 4.0.

George Harvey

Many readers will recognize the work of climatologist Michael E. Mann. He is the person who introduced us to the “Hockey stick graph” showing the rapid rise in global temperatures that has happened in the past fifty years. Now, […]

Improve your Health: Support Policy in Favor of Halting Climate Change

Dan Quinlan gets help promoting his message to help our planet from his dog, Maple. Courtesy photo.

Dan Quinlan

While the pandemic was the driving health story in 2020, it was not the only major global health story. From coast to coast in the United States, the health and well-being of hundreds of […]

2020 Was The Warmest Year on Record

It capped the warmest decade on record

George Harvey

In mid-January, a report by James Hansen et al. was posted at the Columbia University web site. “Global Temperature in 2020” makes clear that each of the last six years is one of the hottest six years ever recorded. The hottest year had been […]

Global Warming Acceleration

(GET editor’s note: We are providing the first couple of paragraphs of this article and a link to the website at Columbia University. We do want all of our readers to be aware of the conclusion, however, and so we start by quoting the article’s last paragraph:

Global temperature prognostication: 2021 will be cooler than […]

Floating with the Ice Across the Arctic

A guard stands watch looking for polar bears in early January. Credits: Alfred Wegener Institute, Lucas Piotrowski. CC-BY-SA 4.0 (

Alan Betts

The largest polar expedition in history to study the melting polar ice sheet ended on October 12, 2020. It was called MOSAiC, standing for The Multidisciplinary drifting […]

The Task Before Us

Climate Movement. Image: Wikipedia

Alan Betts

There is a grim set of connected issues shaking the stability of the United States as the federal government crumbles in the face of COVID-19, white racism, capitalist exploitation of the poor and the Earth, political bribery and the denial of science and climate change. Many […]

Environmental Tipping Points

Matterhorn, one of Europe’s tallest peaks, in the Alps on the border between Italy and Switzerland, is eroding as a result of glacial meltwater at the summit. Photos from NASA’s “State of Flux” series show courtesy of the Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA.

John Bos

A tipping point is that magical (or malevolent) moment […]