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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


by Carl Pope

The fiery street protests challenging French President Emmanuel Macron over his proposed higher taxes on gasoline and the young climate activists of the Sunrise Movement who sat in at prospective House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office might seem like antagonists – one resisting, the other seeking, faster and more ambitious movement away from […]

MBS and the Price of Oil

From Carl Pope’s Blog: Oct 23, 2018

We’re not connecting the dots. We ought to be holding our breath – the fallout from the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi could easily have plunged the world into economic chaos. Even if we slide through this time, the pattern is clear – a world which cannot survive […]

The Best Three Years in Climate History: Believe It or Not, It’s True

Carl Pope

Yes, the world fell far behind in controlling emissions and there’s much to be done. But there’s progress and hope.

How is climate progress faring? Hurricanes from Asia to the Carolinas, fires in California and Spain, floods in southern India and heat waves in Europe are sobering reminders of how much is at […]

Clean Energy and Climate Progress: A Scorecard

TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Carl Pope’s Blog – June 27, 2017 San Francisco, CA The last week has seen a flood of stories on clean energy’s prospects – stories that make your head spin with their conflicting tales of renewable energy’s prospects of ending our dangerous addiction to fossil fuel power from coal and gas.

A […]

‘Climate of Hope’ on Daily Show

Reposted from Carol Pope’s Blog

Dear friend:

If, like me, 11PM programs are not your daily bread, you may have missed my conversation along with Mike Bloomberg on the Daily Show last night, discussing our book, Climate of Hope. This will be — I’m pretty sure — my highest ratings ever, so I’m sharing […]

Detroit’s Death Wish Comes Roaring Back

From: TAKING THE INITIATIVE: Carl Pope’s Blog, March 6, 2017 Washington, DC

The oil industry, and its “deep state” allies in the Trump Administration, have lured US auto companies into a potentially fatal political trap, chumming Detroit by tapping into the deeply embedded penchant of the Big Three for chasing short-term market trends at […]

In the Midst of Tears On the Way to Marrakech


San Francisco, CA November 9, 2016

It’s surreal to be heading for the Marrakech Climate Summit with Donald Trump’s victory on the front page. I’m not really ready yet to accept – much less think about – the consequences and how to deal with them, but the […]