Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere


An Eco-friendly Scooter that Grows with the Child: Micro Kickboard®

Here is a 2-year old with her MINI2GO for toddlers.

By N.R. Mallery

We recently became aware of Micro Kickboard®, a neat, award-winning, eco-friendly company that provides great scooters so kids can get outside for some exercise and parents can have […]

This thingCharger Thing

The thingCHARGER is handy in the kitchen when needing to read a recipe at the same time as charging. Courtesy photo.

By Ticia Y. McGean

I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt loving a piece of inanimate technology, but then I get a text message from my daughter with a silly photo attached, […]

New Hampshire Camp and Appalachian Mountain Club Lodge Go Solar

A 13.52 kW of solar on Copper Cannon Camp’s dining hall in Bethlehem, NH will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by over 14,000 pounds annually. Photo: Revision Energy

By Green Energy Times staff

Outdoor recreational facilities in the northeast are taking on the solar challenge. Two in New Hampshire are […]

Vermont Smoke & Cure Cooking with More Solar Power

One of the three local projects helping produce emissions-free solar energy for Vermont Smoke & Cure. Photo courtesy of AllEarth Renewables.

Green Energy Times staff article

Vermont Smoke & Cure, of Hinesburg, Vermont, has been making smoked meats and meat snacks since 1962. Over the years, it has shown itself to […]

PFOA in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York

PFOA, a known carocinogenic, is found in microwave popcorn bags. Photo: Wikipedia

By Larry Plesent

There’s a lot of talk in the news about perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA in Bennington County, upstate NY wells, and in two communities in southern New Hampshire. What is PFOA and its half dozen or more cousins? […]

PFOA Alerts in New England Are On the Rise

… And just one of many environmental toxins.

By George Harvey

A toxic substance, PFOA, has been in the news after it was discovered in water wells in a growing number of towns in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and elsewhere. Truth be told, however, PFOA is found all over. It can come from spills […]

Backyard Elderberries

Low-maintenance elderberries for an effortless, bountiful harvest.

Fruit of the native elderberry. Photo by D. Fried.

By David Fried of Elmore Roots

Using our experience from 36 years of growing elderberries on a rugged hillside, in Elmore, Vermont, Zone 3, we offer this effortless recipe for a successful start to a fruitful ending, […]

Vermont Technical College is Going Solar

By George Harvey

Vermont Technical College has increased its supply of renewable energy and reducing its operating costs with the installation of a 500-kilowatt solar farm. Installation began as soon as the Certificate of Public Good was granted by the Vermont Public Service Board, late last year, and it was completed in just […]

ZERO ENERGY NOW Comes to Vermont

By Allan Bullis

We at BPPA-VT (Building Performance Professional Association of VT) along with our sponsor GMP (Green Mountain Power) are very pleased to share with you the establishment of a pilot project called ZEN! (Zero Energy Now). In 2011, the State set a goal of reducing fossil fuel use by 90% by 2050, but […]

NHEC Launches New Demand Response Program

PLYMOUTH, NH – In an effort to curb the impact of rising peak period electricity costs in New England, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) is offering its members new incentives to reduce their power consumption when regional demand for electricity is highest.

The Go Beyond the Peak! program rewards members for curbing their usage during […]