Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The Nature of Things – From LEED-Certified Buildings to Fairy Shrimp

The White Building

The Nature of Things, LLC has a mission to provide a very special place for growing children, a place where they can experience nature while they learn. They have multiple programs. Nature’s Pathways is a state-licensed early childhood education and childcare facility. 2nd Nature Academy is a state-licensed private elementary […]

Stowe School Saves Big on Heating Costs

Stowe Middle High School, all photos courtesy Tarm Biomass

By Jim Van Valkenburgh

After considering installing a biomass heating system at the Stowe Middle High School in Stowe, Vermont for a number of years, the Lamoille South Supervisory Union finally acted on the idea in the summer of 2013. The $600,000 project was […]

Elmore Roots’ Permaculture Tips

Growing Blueberries Successfully in the North

Painting by Gabriel Tempesta

By David Fried

If you know where there are great patches of blueberries, enjoy them and share them with your friends.

Otherwise, why not plant your own “blueberry island”? You simply purchase some healthy bushes from your local nursery and plant them about […]

Kick the Chemicals

The Move Away from Synthetic Fertilizers Toward Healthier Gardening

By Jen Baer, Green Mountain Compost

Chemical fertilizers are like sports drinks for your plants. They give your garden a short-term boost and then wash away with the rain, requiring frequent reapplication. And, like sports drinks, they do little to build the muscle and […]

Emerging Frontiers in Bioenergy

Growing Sunflowers for Biodiesel Production

By Sarah Galbraith, program manager of the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative

Oilseed sunflower is the most popular biodiesel feedstock grown in Vermont (distinct from confectionary sunflower). University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Team has been conducting research on growing sunflowers for fuel for several years. Their recent manual “Oilseed […]

Creating your Habitat for a Sustainable Future

This urban Holyoke, MA backyard was damaged, denuded, compacted, and polluted when Eric Toensmeier and Jonathan Bates moved there in 2003. A few years later it was an edible urban Eden. Eric tells the story of this garden in his book Paradise Lot (Chelsea Green, 2013). Eric Toensmeier photo, 2004.

By Dave Jacke


Plan Now for Saving Your Seeds

Helping preserve our genetic diversity

By Sylvia Davatz

Now is a great time to think about what vegetable seeds you can save in your garden this season. Your own saved seed will have greater vigor and vitality, a better germination rate, and a longer life than purchased seed. Saving seed supports self-reliance and […]

Renovating GREEN!

There has never been a better time to renovate green, given the abundance of Earth-friendly building material choices as well as contractors well-versed in energy- and resource-efficiency. Many homeowners don’t realize that they can save money in the long run, despite the up-front costs, by choosing materials and strategies that will lower utility bills and […]

Energy-Efficient Windows Part 2 — Window Types

If you have old windows, they are likely losing large amounts of energy through the frames and glazing. By upgrading old windows, you can reduce heating and cooling costs in your home.

Windows come in a number of different frame and glazing types. (The frame is the perimeter assembly of the window unit, that is […]

Green Builders in Our Midst: Wright Construction

By George Harvey

It is important to start with the fundamentals. Before any work is done on installing heat pumps, solar hot water, solar PVs, or anything else to get or use energy, the first step is to make sure that a building is efficient in using energy. That means insulation, air sealing, and ventilation […]