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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Support SolarFest Through Climate Ride


SolarFest is very grateful for all of the valuable thoughts and insights that were shared about the SolarFest Sunrise Celebration and have already begun planning to make SolarFest better than ever next year!

Partnerships and fund raising are essential parts of what is needed to keep SolarFest’s educational outreach strong. So, SolarFest has just been officially accepted as a beneficiary of Climate Ride; the first adventure travel nonprofit for bicycle riders. They have raised and contributed more than $3.1 million to organizations to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and help protect the environment.

This new relationship helps SolarFest both by raising money and by establishing connections to more than 100 other groups working to dramatically reduce the carbon emissions that plague our environment. For more info, go to

To help SolarFest get started, there are a couple of upcoming Climate Rides on the east coast: Bar Harbor to Boston; September 8 – 12, and New York City to Washington DC; September 17 – 21.  If you are able to participate, it would be great to name SolarFest as one of the causes you are supporting.

Also, if you or someone you know is an avid bike rider and will be participating, with at least one more rider a SolarFest team can be formed. This qualifies SolarFest to do a presentation on one of the nights of the ride, thereby getting even more exposure during these “green conferences on wheels.”

SolarFest will continue to explore new ways to expand  while helping to keep prices low to attract more attendees. Please contact Mike Bailey at if you have suggestions for ways to develop these initiatives.

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