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Smart’s Fortwo EV Leasing for $139/ Month

Affordable Leasing EV Style

Reposted from CleanTechnica:

Have you ever imagined yourself in one of those smooth, cool Smart cars? Or, even better, have you imagined yourself in one of the electric versions? Your EV dreams are alive, well, and affordable. You could be be driving around with a clear conscience thanks to new cost- and energy-saving options offered by Daimler (Smart’s parent company).

Chevy cut the Volt’s price. Nissan cut the leaf’s price. And now the electric version of the Smart Fortwo (Fortwo — kind of romantic) is available for less, as well. The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is now available for $139 per month on a three-year, 30,000-mile lease. Whew, this is cheaper than my wireless packages. (By the way, if you live in the US and own a home, you actually have the chance to win a Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and a solar power systemDon’t miss out on that opportunity!)

Engadget has more details on the new leasing option:

 Specifically, it’s $139 per month on a three-year, 30,000 mile lease that includes its “battery assurance plus” program, an $80 per month option for purchasers. However, to get that special rate, you’ll have to put $1,999 down and sign paperwork either in California, Oregon or along the East coast. If you’d rather buy outright instead of leasing, Daimler’s compact division has incentives for you, too. In addition to any tax breaks you get from the state and or federal government, the company is knocking $5,010 off the ED’s already low $25,000 sticker price. It’s finally looking like your payments could match the electric two-seater’s diminutive stature.

Read more at CleanTechnica

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