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SolarFest Rescheduled to October 28

Great music, workshops, food and exhibits with headline performances by Dar Williams and the Ray Vega Band

Due to July’s flooding, SolarFest was postponed — until now!

On Saturday, October 28th, SolarFest presents a one-day event with fabulous musicians and compelling speakers coming together inside the historic beautiful Grace Congregational Church in Rutland, Vermont, with messages of hope and community.

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A Climate of Change — Preparation & Action for Our New Future kicks off at 11:00 am with a powerful cross-section of entertaining and inspiring speakers. Singer-songwriter Dar Williams discusses rebuilding America’s communities, humorist Eve Schaub discusses getting to zero waste, and leading experts cover renewable energy policy, solar + battery storage, electric vehicle charging, conservation and home renovation, heat pumps and our modern grid, green energy careers, and the financing incentives available through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Following a video message from Bill McKibben the musical performances begin at 4:30 pm. The lineup includes the Caribbean percussion of Gammy Moses, celebrated singer-songwriters Louise Mosrie Coombe, Pamela Means, and Lara Herscovitch & the Highway Philosophers. Our headliners start at 8 pm: Dar Williams, followed by the joyful jazz of the Ray Vega Band.

Workshops PLUS amazing concert just $30, workshops alone $10

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September 13 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Renowned Conductor Allows Climate Activists To Address Crowd At Swiss Music Festival” • A famed Russian conductor allowed climate protesters who disrupted a performance at a classical music festival in Switzerland to address the crowd. Two protesters from Renovate Switzerland were pushing the Swiss government to declare a climate crisis. [CNN]

Protest (Renovate Switzerland image)

  • “Solar Power Europe Predicts EU Will Reach Its Renewable Energy Goal Three Years Early” • The 2023 annual report from Solar Power Europe comes to a startling conclusion. It says the EU will reach the renewable energy goal it set for 2030 three years early. The report is 148 pages long, and this article provides a summary. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Palisades Nuclear Plant To Restart In Deal With Power Co-Op” • The company that owns the Palisades nuclear plant announced that it will restart the 800-megawatt power plant in a deal with Wolverine Power Cooperative. The facility stands to become the first decommissioned nuclear plant to be fired back up in the entire United States. []
  • “China’s Solar Boom: Capacity Set To Hit 1 TW By 2026” • The Chinese solar sector is set to break records in the coming years . When installed capacity crosses the 500 GW mark by the end of 2023, it will have taken 13 years to reach that milestone. That total, however, will be doubled to 1 TW in just three additional years, by the end of 2026. [Oil Price]
  • “Gone With The Wind: Fossil Fuel Loses Ground In UK’s Energy Mix” • New analysis from Imperial College London for Drax Electric Insights has found that for the first time ever, the installed wind capacity has surpassed gas, reaching 27.9 GW in June compared to the 27.7 GW installed capacity for gas generating capacity. [Drax Group]
  • “Apple Unveils Its First Carbon Neutral Products” • Apple has announced its first carbon neutral products in the all-new Apple Watch lineup, as innovations in design and clean energy have driven reductions in product emissions. This milestone marks a major step toward Apple’s 2030 goal to make all of its products carbon neutral by the end of the decade. [Apple]

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September 12 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “’Seismic Shift:’ Energy Crisis Helped Wind And Solar Stretch Cost Advantage Over Fossil Fuels” • In 2010, the cost of solar PV was eight times as high as the cheapest source of fossil fuels, with a levelised cost of energy of 44.5¢/kWh. An IRENA report says the LCOE of PVs fell to 4.9¢/kWh in 2022, making it 29% cheaper than the cheapest fossil fuel option. [Renew Economy]

Solar array on a farm (NextTracker image)

  • “Heat Pumps Up To Three Times More Efficient In Cold” • A study from Oxford University and the Regulatory Assistance Project used data from seven field studies. It shows that heat pumps are two to three times as efficient as combustion or resistive electric heating technology, even in temperatures approaching -30°C (-22ºF). [CleanTechnica]
  • “Number Of Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters In US Blows Through Annual Record With Four Months Left In The Year” • With four months left in the year, the US has had 23 disasters that each cost at least $1 billion, NOAA data shows, surpassing the previous record of 22 events in 2020. Together, 2023’s disasters have done $57.6 billion in damages. [CNN]
  • “Sun Cable Plan To Bring Solar Power To Singapore Is Back On” • Sun Cable, formerly known as PowerLink, is an ambitious idea that involves sending solar power via an undersea cable 4,200 km (2,610 miles) from Darwin, Australia, to Singapore. Delays in approvals and disagreements held the project up. Now it is under way again. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Record US Small-Scale Solar Capacity Added In 2022” • The Energy Information Administration estimates that the US added a record 6.4 GW of small-scale solar capacity in 2022. Capacity grew from 7.3 GW in 2014, the first year of estimates, to 39.5 GW in 2022. Small-scale solar makes up about one-third of the total solar capacity in the US. [CleanTechnica]

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September 11 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Enercon Reaches 60-GW Wind Milestone” • Enercon has announced it has reached 60 GW of onshore wind capacity installed worldwide. More than 32,000 wind turbines have been planned, produced, and commissioned in 50 countries since the company’s foundation in 1984. This capacity is about what would be in 60 conventional power plants. [reNews]

Wind farm (Enercon image)

  • “Could Cleaner Air Reduce The Risk Of Suicide?” • A new frontier of potentially preventative research on suicide is rising that might, at first, seem unrelated: improving air quality. Over the past few years, various studies have identified associations between raised levels of air pollution and increased suicide risk. What should we make of this evidence? [BBC]
  • “The Hottest Electric Vehicles Are In China” • There are 138 automakers in China, the No 1 auto market in the world. At least 40 of the 138 are purely electric companies, according to JD Power. In 2022, EV sales in China totaled 6.9 million units, an increase of 93.4% from 2021, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. [ABC News]
  • “How Biden Is Bringing More Environmental And Climate Justice To The US” • This past year, the EPA invested $3 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act in the new Environmental and Climate Justice Grant Program to accelerate environmental justice efforts, address pollution, and support a more equitable future for communities. [CleanTechnica]
  • “Lithium Deposit In Extinct Nevada Volcano Could Be Largest In The World” • A paper in the journal Science Advances reports the discovery of what may be the largest lithium deposit known to exist, inside the caldera of an extinct volcano in Nevada. This could have a major impact on America’s ability to make batteries without relying on Chinese sources. [CleanTechnica]

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September 10 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “How Frontline Communities Can Take Advantage Of The Inflation Reduction Act To Advance Local Priorities” • The IRA has a J40 provision that directs 40% of the overall benefits and investments to Disadvantaged Communities, defined based on indicators from the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool or by a common condition. [CleanTechnica]

Rural America (Jonathan Singer, Unsplash)

  • “Hurricane Lee Becomes Rare Storm Rapidly Intensifying From Cat 1 To Cat 5 In 24 Hours” • During the satellite era, very few hurricanes have intensified by 85 mph or more in 24 hours. Lee was a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph on Thursday. Twenty-four hours later, it was Category 5 hurricane with 165 mph winds. [ABC News]
  • “Underwhelming G20 Skates Over The Big Issues Of Poverty, Inequality, And Climate” • The G20 has failed to meet the huge challenges our world faces, said Oxfam. The G20 continue to stumble away from taking the bold actions necessary to tackle poverty, inequality, and climate issues at an uninspiring Summit in India this weekend. [Oxfam America]
  • “Group Of 20 Countries Agree To Increase Clean Energy But Reach No Deal On Phasing Out Fossil Fuels” • The Group of 20 leaders agreed on Saturday to triple renewable energy and try to increase the funds for climate change-related disasters. They have maintained the status quo, however, with regards to phasing out carbon spewing coal. [ABC News]
  • “Elon Musk Biography Reveals Internal Tesla Battle Regarding $25,000 Car And Robotaxis” • An upcoming biography of Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson says Musk was obsessed with robotaxis so much that he repeatedly vetoed his own plan for a $25,000 electric car in favor of them, until skeptical Tesla executives got him to hedge his bet. [CleanTechnica]

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September 9 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “COP28: A Chance To Course-Correct On The Global Clean Energy Transition” • Leaders of COP28 write that the world is not on track to meeting the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement, and the global clean energy transition is dangerously off-course. But there is hope. We can still get back on track by taking urgent action now. []

Windpower (Karsten Würth, Unsplash)

  • “Coalition Of World Leaders Calls For Tripling Renewable Energy” • In an article published online, EC President Ursula von der Leyen, Kenya’s President William Ruto, and Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley called for the world to set global goals to triple renewable energy capacity and double annual savings of energy use by 2030. []
  • “Amid Energy Price Spike, 86% Of New Renewable Electricity Was Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels Last Year” • Renewable power was already rapidly replacing fossil fuels as the cheapest source of electricity. Thanks to rocketing fuel prices last year, it is now the clear winner when it comes to cost-effectiveness. The transition has accelerated significantly. [Singularity Hub]
  • “Lee Adds To A Growing Trend Of Intense Hurricanes Powered By Warmer Oceans” • Hurricane Lee rapidly intensified at a historic pace into a Category 5 storm Thursday night, adding to a spate of extremely intense hurricanes this year and in recent decades. Experts say the strength and rapid growth of storms are symptoms of the climate crisis. [CNN]
  • “Ford Takes The Mustang Off-Road With Upcoming Mach-E Rally Car” • One look at the Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally, and you can see that it’s not the standard crossover that many other auto manufacturers are offering. This EV takes the freedom and fun of Mustang onto dirt roads, showcasing a different direction for electric vehicles. [CleanTechnica]

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September 8 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • The Climate Crisis Is Wreaking Havoc On The Insurance Industry“” • Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA), Chris Van Hollen (MD), and Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) wrote to Treasury Secretary Janet L Yellen and Federal Insurance Office Director Steven Seitz, pointing out that insurance companies have reduced coverage in disaster-prone areas. [CleanTechnica]

Microburst (NOAA image, Unsplash)


  • “20,000 Communities Demand Local Wind Turbines” • The arguments against wind power are running out of steam as costs drop and ratepayers chase after the savings. A ratepayer-driven, pro-wind revolution is brewing in the UK, and it could head to the US soon. Octopus Energy is behind the ratepayer-driven wind revolution. [CleanTechnica]
  • “G20 Members Agree To Phase Down Unabated Coal Power At Sherpa Meet” • The G20 members agreed to make an effort towards the “phasedown of unabated coal power,” staying with the text of the Bali declaration on the issue. This was decided at the Sherpa-level deliberations that aim to finalise the text for the Leaders’ Declaration. [Outlook Business]
  • “Hurricane Lee Becomes First Category Five Storm Of Atlantic Season” • Hurricane Lee has powered up to a category five storm, packing wind speeds of up to 160 mph (260 km/h) as it churns through the Caribbean. It could cause dangerous conditions on the US east coast on Sunday, according to information from the US National Hurricane Center. [BBC]
  • “US Solar Installations In 2023 Expected To Exceed 30 GW For First Time In History” • The US solar industry expects to add a record 32 GW of new capacity in 2023, a 52% increase from 2022, according to the US Solar Market Insight Q3 2023 report just released by the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie. [CleanTechnica]

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September 7 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Biden Administration Cancels Years-Long Attempt To Drill In Alaska National Wildlife Refuge” • The Biden administration said it will cancel seven Trump-era oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and protect more than 13 million acres in the federal National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, stymieing a years-long attempt to drill in the region. [CNN]

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (US FWS, public domain)

  • “As Africa Climate Summit Promotes Solar, Off-Grid Power Ramps Up Below The Sahara” • African families and businesses are choosing off-grid solar in the face of an unreliable grid. The World Bank says the number of minigrids, solar systems that support a cluster of homes or businesses, has grown in from 500, 23 years ago, to 3,000 today. [ABC News]
  • “Climate Change Is Hurting Six Flags, Seaworld, And Disney World” • When intense rain and flooding stranded more than 70,000 people at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, it was just the latest example of how extreme weather, made far worse by climate change, has impacted major North American attractions this summer. [CNN]
  • “The World Just Experienced The Hottest Summer On Record, By A Significant Margin” • June to August was the warmest such period since records began in 1940, according to data from the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service. Also, according to the Copernicus data, August of 2023 was the warmest August since record keeping began in 1940. [CNN]
  • “Environmental Groups Sue Utah Over Failure To Protect Great Salt Lake From Brink Of Collapse” • Utah is being sued by a coalition of environmental groups and conservationists for its alleged misuse of water and failing to protect the Great Salt Lake from the brink of “ecological collapse.” Scientists had warned that the lake was facing “unprecidented danger.” [CNN]

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September 6 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Forget The Rosebank Oil Field. Labour’s Renewable Energy Plans Could Save £93 Billion For UK Households” • Change is needed, but if the UK Government approves the huge Rosebank oil field off the coast of Shetland, and its potential to deliver 500 million barrels of oil, we can say goodbye to any serious hope of tackling the climate emergency. [The Scotsman]

Offshore oil platform (Divulgação Petrobras, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

  • “Pipeline Operator Enbridge Inc Will Buy Three Natural Gas Utilities From Dominion Energy For $9.4 Billion” • Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge Inc announced plans to acquire three gas distribution companies from Dominion Energy. The deal is valued at $14 billion, of which $9.4 billion is cash and $4.6 billion is debt, Enbridge said. [CNN]
  • “Aluminum Materials Show Promising Performance For Safer, Cheaper, More Powerful Batteries” • A team of researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology is using aluminum foil to create batteries with high energy density and great stability. A report in Nature Communications shows that the batteries could hold more energy and be cheaper to make. [CleanTechnica]
  • “US DOT Finally Suspends LNG-By-Rail Rule!” • The US Department of Transportation suspended a rule arising from the Trump epoch that allowed the transport of liquefied natural gas by rail across the country without a special permit. This is a huge victory for the planet and for those living in the potential blast zones of these rail lines. [CleanTechnica]
  • “New Solar Array Going In Near Albany International Airport” • The New York Power Authority and Albany County are joining forces on a new energy project near Albany International Airport. The solar array will be maintained by Siemens and is part of the county’s “green county” push. County Executive Dan McCoy says the project will benefit residents. [WAMC]

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Join the March to End Fossil Fuels in NYC!

Sun, Sep 17, 2023; 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM  (Eastern)

Join Sierra Club in New York City from 1-4pm on September 17th to march for an end to fossil fuels. Show President Biden just how much support there is to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure and phasing out production of fossil fuels.

To sign up, simply fill out this form. Afterwards, an organizer from your state will reach out to you with additional information about how to connect with the Sierra Club delegation.

Your participation truly makes a difference. Showing up together, and with as much support as possible from like-minded folks, is what will allow us to live in the future we all deserve to live in.

And if you’d like to bring friends, please share this sign-up page. This event is all about coming together as a compassionate community and speaking up for our and future generations. Everyone is welcome.