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October 2023 Articles Online

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Front Page

1 The Changing Climate Impacts To Retirement Planning
1 Celebrating Holidays 2023
1 Staggering Growth of Renewable Energy

News and Happenings

2 Happy Fall to All Our Readers!
2 Late-Breaking News

Regional Energy News

3 First-Ever White House Climate Resilience Summit
3 The Markets Are Proving They’re Ready for Clean Energy

Transportation Solutions

4 Vermont’s Electric School Bus Success Story
4 Zero-Emission Buses Will Soon Be a Hallmark in NYS
4 2023 Clean School Bus Rebate Program
5 Used EVs – Range Loss Versus Range Improvement
6 Lebanon, NH City Officials Thank EV-friendly Employers
6 Watts Up with Workplace Charging?
6 Western Maine’s EV Charger Network is Growing

Solar PV

7 The 2.1 MW Solar Project Near Albany Airport Joins an Increasing Trend
8 Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI)
9 New York State Auction of First Build-Ready Solar Project
10 IRA Incentive Programs Make Solar Possible
for Non-Profit Organizations
11 Southern Vermont Solar
12 Squam Lakes Natural Science Center
12 Community Choice Aggregation, CPCNH and Tamworth, NH
13 City of Dover and Cheshire County Launch Community Power

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 Clean Energy NH’s Energy Circuit Rider Program
14 Rhode Island’s Offshore Wind Supply Chain Development
15 Decarbonizing Heat
15 Celebrating Completion of a 500 KW AC Solar Project in Barnet, VT
16 Maine Offshore Wind to Supply Half of Electric Needs
16 Avast, Mate – Sail Ho!

Business and Financial

17 USDA Rural Development Funds New Hampshire and Vermont Grantees


18 Incentives

Feature: The Heating Solutions

20 Heat Pumps Outperform Boilers and Furnaces Even in the Cold
21 Emerging Air-to-water Heat Pump Technology

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Networked Geothermal and Birth of a New Utility
22 IRA GUIDANCE For Heating & Homes

Building and Energy Efficiency

25 Scalable, Affordable Net-Zero Homes
27 Maine Could Tackle the Housing and Climate Crises in Tandem
28 The Ruth Lewin Griffin Place
29 Net Zero Design, Waterbury Center, Vermont
30 York, Maine Is Ready for Climate Action

Climate News

31 The PROVE IT Act and Climate System Leverage Points
32 The New Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice
33 Mother Nature’s Takeover of Our Climate System

Sustainable Agriculture

35 Dutchess County Compost Plans Meet Climate Solutions

Green Life

37 Elmore Roots: A Simple Life
37 Cultivating Long-Term Perspective for the Sustenance of Human Civilization
37 Is There Plastic In My Produce?
38 Monadnock Food Co-op
39 BirdieBlue – Sustainable Packs and Bags