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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 2021 Articles Online

Front Page

1 Air Pollution Steals Lives
1 The Climate Crisis Is Worse for Children
1 Code Red for Humanity and the Climate Crisis

News and Happenings

2 Green Energy Times’ Team Helps Save the Planet
3 Burlington Moves Toward Its Net-Zero Energy Goal
3 A Deal of the Century to Produce Less Pollution

Transportation Solutions

4 Local Shops Get Northern New England Cyclists on the Road
5 Electric Cars Are Setting Records
6 Nine EV Charging Station Sites Coming To NH!
7 EV Accelerator Program Advances Climate Program Objective in Maine
7 REV2021 Virtual Conference

Solar Photovoltaics

8 29,000 Solar Panels for Solar Sustainability at Middlebury College
9 Zpots Creates Pottery, Sustainability and a Smaller Footprint
11 As Solar Interconnection Costs Rise, Who Should Pay to Improve the Grid?
12 So, What’s Up at Maine Solar Solutions This Summer?
12 Solar Farms Make a Difference with Renewable Power
13 Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire
13 Derry, NH Solicits Bids on 2.2MW Solar Farm

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 When It Comes to Nuclear Power, “Advanced” Isn’t Always Better
15 Online Guide from CESA Explores States’ Efforts to Achieve 100% Clean Energy
15 Agora Energy Technologies — Not Your Average Flow Battery

Business and Financial

18 Sustainability and the Arts at Sage Street Mill
18 Greenvest Named “Best for the World” B Corp for 2021
19 Now that Climate Change is Here, How Do You Invest?

Feature: Climate, Children, Health, Solutions

20 DOE Invests $61 Million for Smart Buildings
21 Accepting Innovation and Change – What’s the Process?

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Froling Energy’s New Dry Wood Chip Processing Plant
23 Contractor Spotlight: GSK Climate Control, Inc.
24 Historic Home in New York Goes 100% Renewable Energy
25 Heating, Lighting & Refrigeration Upgrades Available for Long-term Care Facilities in Maine

Climate News

26 IPCC Solutiion Consensus: A Price on Carbon Is Required
26 Carbon, Cars and Canaries
27 The Skin Of Our Teeth

Renewable Heating & Cooling, Continued

28 A Net-Zero Multi-Family Community

Building and Energy Efficiency

30 Concord Housing Authority Building Retrofit
31 New Ithaca Energy Code Makes History!
32 Backyard Parks: The New Building Landscape Trend
33 NH School District Strives for Net-zero Emissions

Green Life

35 What is Seven Feet Tall, Smells Like Chocolate, and Wasn‘t There a Few Weeks Ago?
35 Life in the Age of Unintended Consequences
36 Harvest Time: How to Build a Root Cellar at Home
37 Got It Covered? Cover Crops to the Rescue
38 Grazing Reduces Fire Fuels and Fire Danger
38 Ring Out for Climate!
39 Husqvarna: Sustainable Chainsaws