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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

October 2017 Articles Online


Front Page

 1  A New Metaphor
 1  The Tesla Semi-Truck
 1  Let the Market Decide
 1  Happy Trash-Free Holidays

Page 2 – Editor’s page

 2  Recent Monthly Average Mauna Loa CO2
 2  Late-Breaking News You May Have Missed

News and Views – Carbon Campaign

 3  New Regional Greenhouse-Gas Initiative Plan
 3  The Carbon Taxes We Already Pay
 3  US Renewable Energy Grows Another 10% in First Half of 2017

Transportation Solutions

 4  Top EV Questions Answered
 4  New VT EV Incentives
 5  New Hampshire Starts Drive Electric Coalition
 6  Burlington Awarded $480,000 for Electric Buses

Energy News

 7  Vermont Climate Action Commission Collects Ideas

Solar Photovoltaics

 8  Upper Valley Aquatic Center is Swimming in Solar
 9  The Elizabeth Mine Cleaned Up for Solar
 10  Standard Solar Shines in the Capital
 11  Former Landfill Turns to Solar in Saratoga Springs, NY
 12  Off-grid Training Center
 13  Living in the Future with Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

 14  New Hampshire Man Helps Local Camp REAP The Benefits Of Solar Energy
 14  USDA and FAA Approve Two Solar Systems (65.6kW and 61.5kW) Near Dillant Hopkins Airport
 15  First Solar-Powered Soup Kitchen
 15  Renewable Energy For Rural New Hampshire

Business and Financial

 18  Times Have Changed for Clean Energy Investing
 18  Regional Energy Organizations Lean into the Future with Long-term Goals
 19  The World’s First LEED Platinum City

Feature – Transportation Solutions

 20  GM’s 100% Wind Powered Manufacturing Plants Building GM’s 100% Electric Cars
 20  Tesla – in South Australia
 21  Tesla Superchargers Available in New York’s Hudson Valley
 21  Drive on Sunshine, Save Big Bucks

Heating & Cooling

 22  The Montshire Museum of Science’s Path to Minimize Its Carbon Footprint
 23  Merrimack County Dept. of Corrections Heats Up

Climate News

 24  No Is Not Enough – Book Review
 25  Warm Oceans Bring Massive Floods and Storms
 25  VT Climate Action Commission: Transportation, Trout, and Regionalism in Sustainability

Building & Energy Efficiency

 26  Vermont Zero-Energy Office Building Combines New With the Old
 27  Energy Efficiency is a Key Driver of Successful Business Outcomes
 28  A Net-Zero Concrete Home
 30  Natural Ventilation and Moisture Problems
 31  Nanogrids: A Whole-Building Approach to Distributed Energy Resources

Sustainable Education

 32  Plainfield, NH School’s Solar System
 32  Princeton University’s Microgrid is Still an Inspiration
 33  Hollis, NH Public Schools

Ingredient of the Month

 35  When Natural Products are More Effective than Synthetic Ones
 35  The Way Home to Love – Book Review

Sustainable Agriculture

 36  Planting, Gathering, and Storing Nuts

Green Life – Permaculture

 37  Killington Resort’s Exemplary Sustainable Practices