Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

November 2020 Articles Online

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Front Page

1 New England is Also on Fire
1 Climate Change Is Pushing Record-Setting Disasters
1 Is This the End of the World as We Know It?

News and Happenings

2 Oregon Fire Burns State Senator’s Home
2 Recommended Documentaries
3 Vermont’s Opportunity for Climate Accountability

Transportation Solutions

4 Top Electric Car Purchasing Questions Answered
4 High Speed Supercharging Is in Vermont Now
5 The How and Why of Level 2 Chargers
6 Vermont Law Enforcement Going Green
6 Sustainable Trains and Planes
7 Electric School Buses Are a Big Solution
7 Large Electric Bus Fleets

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Off-Grid Solar Installations Increasing During the Pandemic
9 Going Solar (Plus Storage): A VT Homeowner Shares Her Experience
10 Vermont Solar Expands State’s Pollinator Habitat
11 Non-Profit Businesses Benefit from Solar Generation*
12 Big, Bigger, Hugest
13 W. S. Badger Company: Practicing Sustainability

Renewable Energy in the News

16 A Microgrid of One’s Own
17 Be Prepared for Emergencies: Generators and Backup Batteries
17 Renewable Energy Funding Opportunities

Business and Financial

18 USDA Awards $2.2 Million to Local Farmers and Producers*
19 Energy Audit Grants and Clean Energy Financing from NH CDFA

Feature – Winter Warmth

20 Battery-powered Electric Chainsaws Can Get Your Job Done*
20 Bio-Friendly Chainsaw Bar Oil
21 Burning Wood to Save the Forest
21 Snowsport Suppliers Aspire to Beat Climate Change*

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 A Survey of the Cleanest Home Heating Options

Building and Energy Efficiency

24 Historic Pirelli Building Passive House Retrofit*
25 Passive House at Maple Corner: Part 3*

Climate News

26 Environmental Tipping Points
26 The Task Before Us
27 Floating with the Ice Across the Arctic
27 To Reach the Spring

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

28 Thin Triple-pane Windows Brighten U.S. Market*
29 New Frameworks and Glad Tidings of Innovation at Happiness Hill
30 Windows in Winter: A Cool Little Microclimate, Part 2*
31 Efficiency Vermont’s EEN Contractor Spotlight: GSK Climate Control, Inc. of East Dorset, VT
32 Summer Park At Hanover
Sustainable Agriculture
34 Elmore Roots – Birds
34 Winter Composting 101*

Ingredient of the Month

37 For the Love of Foam*

Green Life

34 Human-scaled Transportation, Human-scaled Sanitation*
35 Community Greenhouses Sprouting
38 The Environmental Impact of Single-use PPE*
38 Discarded Disposable Masks and Gloves are Floating into the World’s Waterways
39 Resulting Impacts of a Pandemic 0n the Waste Stream*