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June 2024 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Jane Fonda and the Governors Take On Big Oil
1 An Unusually Hot Summer May Be in Store
1 Are We Headed for an Insurance Crash?

News and Happenings

2 Happy Summer!
2 In Memory of Frank Stiebel, Stiebel Eltron USA

Clean Energy News

3 VT Senate Passes Historic Renewable Energy Bill
3 Significant Transformative Long-term Grid Planning Announced

Transportation Solutions

4 EV s Affordability Peak in 2024
5 $900 Million Announced for Clean School Buses
5 All School Buses in NY to be EVs by 2035
6 Amazing DC Fast Charging Stations installed in Bradford, VT
6 “AmpedUp” Project Unveils Largest EV Charger Site for a NH Business
7 Car Expo in Tamworth, NH Featured Classics to New-tech

Solar PV

7 MHT Getting Electric Plane and Vehicle Chargers
8 Local Solar Co. Supports the Northeast’s Off-Grid Solar Revolution
9 New Hampshire Court Rules: Communities Can’t Reject Solar on Looks or on Property Value Fears Alone
10 The Solar for All Program Benefits ME, NH, NY and VT
11 Fake Solar News Exposed!

Renewable Energy Solutions

12 Net Metering Under Strain in Vermont
12 Co-op Community Solar in Western Maine
13 Maine is Adding the Most Clean-energy Jobs in New England
13 Wind Hub Developing at Searsport, Maine in Penobscot Bay
14 Developing Renewable Energy Projects with NY Power Authority
14 Lebanon, NH Will Use Landfill Methane to Produce Electricity
15 Net Metering in New Hampshire at a Crossroads

Business and Financial

16 Whoever Controls Your Solar System Controls You
17 Co-locating Solar and Agricultural Operations in NYS
17 Maximize Federal Home Energy Retrofit Funds


18 Incentives


20 Vermont’s New Law Holds Fossil Fuels Accountable
21 Climate Action: Things Are Not Going Very Well

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Installing Heat Pumps in New Houses or Converting Existing Houses is a Good Idea, but…
23 Sunapee, NH’s 95-Yr-Old School Gets Renewable Heat

Building and Energy Efficiency

25 Contractor Spotlight: New Frameworks
26 Obama Center to be LEED Platinum, Zero Energy Certified and Clad in New Hampshire Granite
27 NHSaves and Margaritas – A Case Study in Energy Efficiency
28 Cut Cement Emissions Using Calcined Clays
29 A New Fire Station Addresses Cost and Sustainability
30 Senator Shaheen Dispels Myths Around Modernizing Building Energy Codes
31 EPA Reminds New Englanders to Use Free Air Quality Monitoring Tools this Summer

Climate News

32 Time to Join Mother Nature
32 The Global Temperature Is Still Rising
33 To Win the Race Against Climate Change, Embrace “YES IN MY BACKYARD”

Air Pollution and the Climate Crisis

34 A Focus on Outdoor Air Pollution
35 Automobile Pollution Linked to Alzheimer’s
AND Cardiovascular Diseases
36 Carving Out a Way of Life

Green Life

37 Picnics and Pollution: Being Mindful of Your Waste This Summer
38 Nine Everyday Household Products That Keep Bugs Away
39 To Mow or Not to Mow is the Question!