Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

June 2020 Articles Online

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Front Page

1 The Global Economy Crumbles
1 COVID-Safe and Sustainable Summer Activities
1 Job Creation for Millions Under the Green New Deal

News and Happenings

2 Renewable Energy Provides All New U.S. Generating Capacity
3 Supporting a Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act
3 A Green New Market

Transportation Solutions

4 Clean Transportation in the Time of COVID-19
4 The E-bike Solution for Today and Going Forward
5 Driving Off and Plugging In
6 Formula Hybrid
6 All Electric Ferry Boat
7 Our First Long-Distance Trip in an EV

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Solar Has Not Stalled World-wide In Spite of Challenging Times
9 Solar Power is Moving Forward in our Region!
11 Working Together: Fortress Battery and Green Mountain Solar
12 It’s a Busy Time for Solar in Nashua, New Hampshire
13 Backup Power Systems for the Home
13 Lithium Batteries and Medical Facilities

Renewable Energy in the News

16 Caledonia Spirits: A New Sustainable Distillery
17 More Power Is Coming from Renewables Than from Coal

Heating and Cooling

17 Heat Pump Magic
18 Cleaning Heat Pumps
19 Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water A/C Hack


20 Time to Round Up Round Up
21 Greening Up Regional Golf Courses with Solar and More
21 A New Pathway to Nature and Golf

Business and Financial

22 Phase-Out Fossil-Fuel Financing
22 Blockchain Systems and the Distributed Sourcing of Power
23 Coronavirus Bails Out the Oil Patch

Building and Energy Efficiency

24 The Great Indoors

Climate News

26 Needless Death In The Service Of Selfishness
26 Book Review – Touching The Jaguar
27 2020 Record Warm Year? Don’t Bet on It
27 Let’s Look at Solutions

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

28 Achieving Net-Negative: Buildings as Carbon Sinks
29 Do-It-Yourself Energy Upgrades: Insulation
30 Zero Energy Now is Back!
30 Green Decking Materials
31 Where’s The Water Coming From?
32 Summer Ventilation and Cooling Options
Sustainable Education
33 FEED Kearsarge Nourishes Our Community

Ingredient of the Month

34 Relief Provided by Epsom Salts

Sustainable Agriculture

34 A Visit from a Great Friend

Green Life

35 Green Burials: Giving Back to the Planet
37 Safe Battery Use and Storage
38 Green Bee Lawn & Garden
39 New Incentives For Electric Lawnmowers