Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

January 2021 Articles Online


Front Page

1 A Future For The Planet *
1 Cross Country Skiing: It’s Affordable, It’s Healthy and It’s ‘HOT’ Right Now
1 2020 Was The Warmest Year on Record

News and Happenings

2 A Tribute to Carol Levin
2 I Am Greta
3 Improve your Health: Support Policy in Favor of Halting Climate Change
3 EIA Projects Huge Decline for Natural Gas Generation

Transportation Solutions

4 Running out of Gas
4 He’s Upset about Electric Buses
5 The “Never Charge” EV of the Future
6 The Merits of Hybrid Vehicles
6 Electrifying Energy Needs
7 Clean Energy NH Announces 2020 Award Winners

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Small Solar Saves Everyone Money – Yes, “Everyone”!
9 Bhima Vitta Had a Dream…
10 Saxtons River Solar Becomes Ridgeline Renewables
11 How Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Are Easier on The Environment
12 Mobile Energy to the Rescue
13 First-of-Its-Kind Community Solar Project
13 Keene Housing Expands Solar a Third Time, Advancing Clean Energy

Renewable Energy Solutions

16 What’s Wrong with Natural Gas?
16 Hydrogen and the Energy Transition
17 Cryogenic Energy Storage: A Viable Solution?
17 Renewable Energy Local Tax Woes in NH

Renewable Heating and Cooling

18 What is Geothermal Energy?

Feature – Winter Warmth

20 Cutting Emissions to Zero Could Save the Planet
21 New York State Has Big Plans for Clean, Green Energy

Renewable Heating and Cooling

22 Stay Warm with Local, Renewable Heating
22 Residential Clean Heating and Cooling

Building and Energy Efficiency

23 Wright Builders, Inc. Develops EarthKind Homes
24 The Great Indoors: Creating a More Healthful and Safer Built Environment
25 OpenSash: Retrofitting Existing Windows Since 2010

Climate News

26 Exxon Carbon Emissions and Climate: Leaked Plans Reveal Rising CO₂ Output
26 Two Lights at the End of a Tunnel
27 We Are At a Climate Crossroads of Oportunity
27 Climate Refugees and Regional Sustainability

Building and Energy Efficiency (continued)

28 A Question of Windows
30 Up on the Roof
31 Montpelier Construction of Barre, Vermont
32 Concord Couple Wins NHSaves Net-Zero Prize
Sustainable Education
33 Sustainability at Golden Brook Elementary School

Ingredient of the Month

34 Your Brain on Science
Sustainable Agriculture
34 What is it About Flowers?
34 Maine Grange Farmer’s Initiative Sets Its Bar High
35 Livestock Methane, Perspectives and Progress

Green Life

37 “There’s Nothing Wrong With the Earth”
38 EVs Gone Wild!
39 Move Toward Zero Waste in 2021
39 The Changing Face of XC Skiing