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From Renewable Energy Vermont:

Re-Issue of City of Montpelier RFP

Hello REV Members,

Please be advised that the City of Montpelier has re-issued their RFP for group net-metered solar PV. A copy is available here.

The City of Montpelier seeks, through the fruition of this project, to take significant steps toward its recently adopted net-zero energy goal. The City of Montpelier, Vermont (“the City”), in collaboration with its Energy Committee is seeking to offset 70% of the City’s municipal electric metered usage with locally produced net-metered solar power. We anticipate that this will rougly require two 500 kW AC installations. To this end, the City seeks a qualified individual or firm to own an operate solar facilities which will sell net metered power to the City to offset City usage.

The City is making its “stump dump” site available (see description here ) for solar development. The City is also interested in proposals to develop solar on privately owned land within the Green Mountain Power service territory, with a preference for installations located within Montpelier city limits. The City will only entertain proposals for a combination of installations totaling 1000 kW AC.

To read the full RFP, and for more details, visit:
Proposals are due August 29, 2014. The final selection will be made in September 2014. Respondents should reply with information to :

Mike Miller, Director of Planning & Community Development
City of Montpelier
39 Main Street
Montpelier, VT 05602-2950

Kind Regards,

Renewable Energy Vermont
PO Box 1036
Montpelier, VT 05601
(802) 229-0099

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