Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

February 2023 Articles Online

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Front Page

1 The Decline and Fall of Fossil Fuels
1 The Climate Economy Boom
1 COP15 Proves To Be Most Important UN Conference For Planet Earth

News and Happenings

2 Letters from the Editor-Publisher
2 Kudos to the Green Energy Times Team

Regional Energy News

3 FERC Reports that Solar Will Provide Two-thirds of New Generating Capacity over 3 Years

Transportation Solutions

4 Toward a Greener Electric Car Battery
5 And What About Electric Trains in the U.S.A.?
6 Vermont Stone Company Receives First Volvo Electric Wheel Loader in North America
6 Littlleton, NH Chevrolet’s NFPA’s Alternative-Fuel-Vehicles Safety Training Course

Energy News

7 A Vermont Solution to Fighting Climate Change

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Two New 500kW Solar Projects Under Development in VT
9 Green Mountain Solar
10 HAREI, Hillsboro County Region Of New Hampshire
10 EIA Expects 54% of New Electric-Generating
Capacity in U.S. Will Be Solar in 2023
11 Seeding Solar on the Rocks
12 Renewables Going Busters in New York State
13 Pope Memorial Humane Society

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 Permitting and Promoting a Livable Future
14 A Rationale for Incentives
15 New Hampshire Legislative Update
15 Vermont Legislative Update

Business and Financial

18 Green Homes, Your Time is Now!
19 New Coalition Can Fundamentally Change New Hampshire’s Energy Landscape

Feature: Sustainable Agriculture

20 Climate, Carbon Sequestration in the Soil and Farming
20 CSA: Creating a Resilient Local Economy and Food System

Climate News

22 Can Monitoring GHG Emitters Help Maine
Reach Its Climate Goals?
22 Natural Gas Leaks Erode Climate Gains
23 The Challenges We Face as a “Climate Haven”
24 The Human Right to Clean Air and Water
24 Is Individual Carbon Footprint a Conceptual Sham?

Renewable Heating and Cooling

25 Heating with Fossil Fuels is Out – Heat Pumps are In
26 A Unique Heat Pump – The New Award Winning System M
28 Everything You Need to Know About Radiant Floor Heating
29 Glens Falls Vertical Farm Project Heated by a 2-t Heat Pump

Building and Energy Efficiency

30 The Path to Net-Zero in Keene, New Hampshire
31 Interstitial Space: The ‘House Within the House’
32 Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings
33 Contractor Spotlight: Green Mountain Electric Supply
34 Champlain College McDonald Hall Deep Energy Retrofit

Sustainable Agriculture

35 Agrivoltaics for New England
35 Can Large and Wild-raised Herbivores Help Slow Climate Change?

Green Life

37 Is Sesame Oil a New Miracle Drug for Your Arteries?
37 How Plants and People Grow
38 Monadnock Food Coop’s Ten-Year Anniversary snd Earth Day Celebrations
39 Earth Day-April 22, 2023