Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

February 2017 Articles Online


Front Page

 1  Hidden Taxes
 1  Climate Change 2017
 1  Hunting and Wildlife in the Northeast
 1  Liberating science

Page 2 – Editor’s page

 2  Late Breaking News
 2  Climate Resistance Leaders

News and Views – Carbon Campaign

 3  What Could We Do with a One-cent per Gallon-of-gasoline Carbon-pollution tax?


 4  Affordable Electric Cars
 4  China is Building Electric Buses
 5  Electric Bus Trials in Vt and NH
 6  Our Planetary Garage

Energy News

 7  Publicly Supported Solar Loan Programs
 7  Solar in Your Community Challenge

Solar Photovoltaics

 8  Going Solar: Do Your Due Diligence – Part 2
 9  A Guide to Residential Solar PV
 10  Why Would You Go Off-Grid?
 11  Integrity Energy
 12  Ice Skating with Solar
 13  Solar Power For A Signature

Renewable Energy

 14  Renewables Progressing in Mass.
 14  More Renewables in NYS
 15  Nation’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Gets Green Light

Business and Financial

 18  Financing Clean Energy in Vermont
 18  Tesla and Panasonic Making Solar Cells In Buffalo, New York
 19  Corporate Sustainability – Look Who Is Leading the Way


 20  2,500 Industry Leaders Commit to Green Building
 21  Montpelier Makes Progress Towards Net-Zero 2030 Goal
 21  Upper Valley Towns Moving Toward 100% Renewable Energy

Sustainable Education

 22  Climate Action is Up to Cities and States Now
 22  Plymouth, NH Regional High School Envelopes Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Climate News

 23  Global Warming Hiatus Disproved Again
 24  New Precipitation Models for New York State
 24  Climate Research News from UMass Amherst
 25  The Growing Gulf Between Science and Politics
 25  Vermont Research Climate News

Building & Energy Efficiency

 26  Weatherize Upper Valley Sees Strong Kick-Off Launch
 27  Home of the Future Built in Woodstock, NY
 28  Why Build to the Passive House Standard?
 30  Myths and Magic Surrounding The ‘Pre-Fab’ Boom
 31  Net-Zero Montpelier 2030 Design Competition

Heating Efficiency

 32  Eco-Conscious Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter
 33  Northeast Biomass Heating Conference and Expo
 33  Big News for NYS Geothermal Heating

Ingredient of the Month

 35  Teen girls see big drop in chemical exposure with switch in cosmetics
 35  Organic Deodorants go Mainstream!

Green Life – Permaculture

 36  Elmore Roots: Understories
 37  Winter in the Permaculture Home Kitchen
 37  Book Review: Indoor Salad Gardening

Green Life

 38  Learning to Live With out Plastic

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