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Enter your school in the Recycle-Bowl!

The recycling race is on! Keep America Beautiful’s, third annual Recycle-Bowl is just around the corner and students can win their school some serious bragging rights — and maybe even some cash — by ramping up their recycling. This year, there’s even a composting component.

The nationwide recycling competition is open to all school levels — elementary, middle and high-school — and is designed to level the playing field so little schools have just as much of a chance of snagging some cool prizes as the big ones.

Competition runs from October 21 through America Recycles Day, November 15. There are many competition categories to choose from, with flexible participation guidelines.

Your school has been working hard to make your recycling and composting programs the best they can be, why not have a little fun and see how you fare on a national level? Check out the Recycle-Bowl website for more info and register today!

Hey! And if you enter, let us know so we can help you get the word out to your community. We all want to root for you to win! Contact CSWD’s School Outreach Coordinator Johnny Powell at