Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2022 Articles Online


Front Page

1 Disasters Hit 90% of USA in 2022
1 Hershey Signs Up for More Solar
1 A Climate Scientist’s Review of COP27

News and Happenings

2 Letter From The Editor-Publisher
2 Kudos to the Green Energy Times Team Helping G.E.T. Save the Planet

Regional Energy News

3 Vermont’s Climate Plan is Built on a Foundation Made of Paper
3 Let’s Get Engaged

Transportation Solutions

4 EPA Awards $965M to Electrify School Buses
4 EVs Use Less Energy than Gas Vehicles
5 Electric Vehicles Know-How for Cold Weather
5 Electric Planes Taking Flight
6 Are Plug-In Hybrids an Important Transition Option?
6 What the IRA Means for EVs
7 Trying is Believing Drives EV Acceptance

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Solar to Float in Cohoes, New York Reservoir
9 Green Earth Energy, Brandon, Vermont
10 France Requires Parking Lots To Be Covered in Solar Panels
11 Solar Cell Pioneer Wins Millennium Technology Prize
12 Sundog Solar Makes Sustainable Music at Snow Pond
13 Cannabis Farm Lowers GHG Emissions

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 A Growing Interest In Green Hydrogen
14 Are EV Batteries Recyclable?
15 Wind Turbine Technologies Advance with Recyclable Blades

Business and Financial

18 Carbon Pricing Is Inevitable
19 Winning Businesses in the News

Feature: The EV Revolution Is Here

20 Pure Water, Clean Air, a Stable Climate and Healthy Environment
21 Waterkeepers in our Midst
21 The Royal Visit to Boston / Earthshot Prize

Climate News

22 Local Author of They Knew Calls for Transformation to Overcome Greed and Apathy
22 Is Achieving 1.5ºC Possible?
23 New Climate Extremes

Renewable Heating and Cooling

24 Lowering Your Carbon Footprint for 2023
26 New and Expanded Ground-Source Heat Pump Tax Credits
27 Breaking Ground for First Community-Networked Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installation
28 Amish Couple Embraces Solar Power and a Mini-split
29 Al Jeffers & Sons, Townshend, VT

Building and Energy Efficiency

30 Hazards from Using Natural Gas in your Home
31 Building High-performance Homes Through the Winter
32 The Wall Doctor of Vermont Is Moving Forward with Gordon’s Window Decor
33 Energy Efficient Refrigeration
34 Book Review: Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average
35 Improving Sustainable Building Practices with BIM

Green Life

37 Clean and Green at Home in 2023
37 Seaberries of My Dreams
38 Farm-to-School Learning: Cornucopia Project
39 Go Fast, Go Silent, Go Clean on an Electric Snow Machine