Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2021 Articles Online

Front Page

1 Green Resolutions for 2022
1 Limited Progress Made at COP 26
1 What’s the Difference Between 1.5°C and 2°C of Global Warming?

News and Happenings

2 Green Energy Times’ Team Helps Save The Planet
3 Local Impacts of Global Change

Transportation Solutions

4 EV Charging Rates Come to New Hampshire
4 Cost of EV Ownership
5 Push for Clean Mobility Spurs Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Expansion
6 The ICE is Melting for Electric Transportation
6 Optimizing Freight Transport Can Substantially Reduce Emissions
7 Go Green in 2022

Solar Photovoltaics

8 Community Solar Opportunities for Brattleboro Affordable Housing
9 Danville School to Benefit from Local Solar
10 Considering Solar Installations for New Homes?
11 Let It Snow: Solar and Winter Weather
12 Green Power Series: Solar Farms in the Northeast
13 Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber: Solar and So Much More
13 Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Goes Solar

Renewable Energy Solutions

14 Will Nuclear Power Save the World?
14 Critical Minerals – Lithium: Part 1
15 Grandpa’s Knob Community Wind Project in Castleton, Vermont

Business and Financial

18 Historical Dan and Whit’s Store Looks to the Future with Energy Efficiency
19 USDA Invests $15 Million in Climate-Smart, Resilient Infrastructure

Feature: COP26 in Review

20 A Realistic Path to a Bright Future
20 How to Prepare for Carbon Pricing
21 Off-shoring Our Carbon Emissions Responsibility
23 A Surprisingly Hopeful Report About COP26

Climate News

23 “The Agent Who Can Head Off the Climate Crisis
Is Reading This Sentence”
24 Initial Vermont Climate Action Plan Is Adopted
24 Vermont Must Better Protect Water and Soil

Renewable Heating and Cooling

25 Contractor Spotlight: Vermont Heating and Ventilating
26 Game Changer for Geothermal
27 Renovated Peterborough Town Library Building

Building and Energy Efficiency

28 Getting to Net Zero Everything: Part 1
30 The Wingnut Testing Collective
31 Ithaca Decarbonize Newsflash
32 Green Street Commons

Green Life

33 Nation’s First Student-Drafted CAP
34 Late Breaking News
35 Elmore Roots: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs and Walnuts
35 Ingredient of the Month: Don’t Blame the Cow
36 Gifts that Go Green for Your Holidays
36 Stratton Mountain, VT Signs On For Solar Power
37 Ice Fishing 101
38 What Do Net-Zero Emissions Pledges Really Mean?
39 Who is Responsible for Recycling?