Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 2015 Articles Online

The articles are being posted and will be listed as they are:

Front Page

1 We CAN Prevent Climate Disaster
1 2015 Historical Renewable Growth in the Northeast
1 Paris – COP21: Encouraging Promises!

Editor’s Page

2 Solavore Launches Indiegogo Campaign

News and Happenings

3 Net-Metering Woes
3 Climate Deceit and Climate Deniers


4 Paris Autobarn
5 Car Sharing in New England
6 Two New Charging Stations in Manchester Center
6 Workplace EV Charging Station Incentive Program

Energy News

7 A “Vermont Grown, Vermont Green” Solar Farm
7 Free Electricity in Texas
7 Grant Links Solar Power with Horse Power at New Hampshire Farm
7 NH Communities’ Energy News

Renewable Energy Know-How

8 Batteries: Storing Energy for Today and Tomorrow

Solar Photovoltaics

10 An Interview with Brian J. Beaudoin of Sanborn Head
12 Solar is Power For All People
13 100% Renewably Powered

Renewable Energy

13 Arkwright Summit Wind Project
14 Hydronic Heating with Renewable Energy Heat Sources
14 Cutting-edge, Hyper-efficient Solar Cells in Our Future?
15 Solar Hot Water Provides Competitive Edge

Heating Efficiency

18 Eat Local – Heat Local
19 NHEC Incentives Help with the Cost for Heat Pumps and Weatherization
19 Heating Incentives

Events and Happenings

20 Better Buildings by Design 2016
21 Northeast Biomass Heating Expo
21 NESEA’s BuildingEnergy Conference

Business and Financial

22 Breaking the Tragedy of the Horizon
22 Easy Energy Upgrades in Vermont
23 Vermont’s Call to Action on Climate Change
23 Capturing Efficiency in Residential Real Estate Transactions

Climate Change – Book Reviews

24 Lights Out – A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath
24 What We’re Fighting For Now Is Each Other

Climate Change

25 The Challenge of Stabilizing CO2

Building Efficiency

26 Deep Energy Retrofit – Bulk Water Management for Roofs
27 Basics of the Magical Blower Door
28 Preventing Toxic Pollution from Attached Garages

Energy Efficiency

30 Cost Analysis: Low-e Storm Windows

Sustainable Agriculture

32 Apple Cultivars
32 Winter is for Designing the Garden of Your Dreams
33 Growing through the Winter
33 Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture, Local Food, and Vulnerable Communities

Ingredient of the Month

35 Microbeads are in the News
35 Microbeads in Toothpaste

Sustainable Sports

36 Netflix for Toys
36 Recycling and its Expense and Emissions
36 Holiday Cooking – with the Sun!

It’s a Green Life After All

37 West Hill House B&B
38 Greening Our Holiday Celebrations
38 Rise & Shine : Lighting the World with 10 Billion LED Bulbs
39 Snuggling in for the Winter


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