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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Climate change poses growing flood risks to US coastal cities

Since 1880, average sea levels have increased by more than eight inches, most if not all of which can be attributed to the impacts of climate change. “Scientists expect 20 to 80 more inches this century.” […]

Help A. James Hansen Solve & Control CO2 Levels

Unless we stop the warming of our planet… says A. James Hansen… […]

Call For Affordable Housing & Land Conservation

“We envision new town and Abenaki forests not only providing wildlife with a more robust habitat, but also providing low income and elderly Vermonters with free or affordable firewood to heat their homes, public/tribal revenue for social programs through sustainable logging, and a public place for Vermonters to take deer, moose, and other game to feed their families. […]

Friday 9 am. Support hydro bill at S148 hearing at legislature

In-state hydro is the cheapest renewable energy we have, but the most expensive to permit. Let’s get this changed! […]

Vermont agency says Irene had lessons for new climate

“Climate data show that Vermont is experiencing more extreme rain events, and that trend is predicted to continue,” […]

Hydropower in Vermont – Healthy for our future!

Local food. Local energy. Energy was from the two H’s: horse power and hydro power. The power for the mills was from gravity and falling water — hydropower. And there is no shortage of hills and falling water in Vermont. […]

38th Annual Island Pond Christmas Bird Count

The Island Pond Count has produced uncommon boreal species in past years, such as the boreal chickadee, gray jay, and black-backed woodpecker. Coordinator Jayson Benoit anticipates this year’s count to be one for the record books, due to winter’s late arrival in the north country. Meanwhile, watch for Snowy Owls that are visiting Vermont now! […]

Growing Local Fest – today! 6.16.11

Growing Local Fest – June 16, 2011: Post Oil Solutions;Music; Workshops; Composting; Energy Efficiency & Green Incentives; Keeping Chickens; So You Think You Want Solar PV or Hot Water; Community Radio; Wild Foods of VT; Demonstrations; Kids Activities; Market Place.. and much more! by BALE […]

Movie: A Simple Question

When: Monday, May 2, 6:30 PM (arrive at 6 if you want to order dinner) Where: Colatina Exit, Rte 5, Bradford, VT

In 1992, Laurette Rogers’ 4th grade class asked what they could do save endangered species. It was a simple question that would change their lives. Partnering with ranchers, scientists, and government agencies, this […]

Vermont Land Owner Summit, Fairlee, April 30

When: Saturday April 30th, 8:15am – 5:00pm Where: Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee, Vermont

Anyone who owns woodlands, and wants them to be well-managed into the future, faces a challenging question: how can owners and managers of forests establish a legacy for Vermont’s woodlands so they remain part of our landscape for years to come?

A […]