Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Call it the greening of Wall Street

Banks Look to Burnish Their Images by Backing Green Technology Firms

Repost from New York Times 06112012

In the wake of a $30 billion commitment to new environmental investments by Wells Fargo in April and a $40 billion promise from Goldman Sachs this month, Bank of America will announce a 10-year, $50 billion initiative of […]

Seeking Disclosure on Fracking

Repost from New York Times 5/30/12

AUSTIN, TEXAS — As the controversial oil and gas drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing continues to spread, governments around the world are grappling with how to regulate it. What should happen to the waste after the process, called fracking, ends? What taxes should oil and natural gas companies […]

High-Speed Method to Aid Search for Solar Energy Storage Catalysts

Repost from: ScienceDaily May 25, 2012

Eons ago, nature solved the problem of converting solar energy to fuels by inventing the process of photosynthesis.

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Lighting 101 – An LED Primer

LED’s . . . As Efficient As It Gets

by Steve Augustus of LED Dynamics

To the layperson, the new models of lighting can seem intimidating and expensive. What’s wrong with the lights we have now? We know they work and we like the light and they are cheap. We’ve tried compact florescent lights, or […]

Assessing Whether Solar Panels Make Sense for You

Re-posted from New York Times 5/11/12

As I report in The Times, legions of companies will offer to install a system at no upfront cost and promise customers cheaper, cleaner electricity over the course of 20 years. Some are small and local, while others, including SolarCity, Sunrun, Sungevity and SunEdison, are larger, with national […]

Legislative Wrap Up

Re-posted from VT Digger 05/11/2012:

Legislative wrap up: Energy stances on renewable investments, merger payback, opt-out fee for smart meters and state transmission ownership lost steam.

The most prominent energy issues in the Vermont Legislature this year seem to be the ones that didn’t happen.

For what seemed like half the session, lawmakers quibbled […]

Vt. Lawmakers Agree To Ban Gas Drilling Technique

Hydraulic Fracturing – For unresolved bills, it’s make or break it

Reposted from Times Augus and VT Digger May 3rd, 2012

House Speaker Shap Smith, Senate President Pro Tem John Campbell, administration officials, and lawmakers on the House and Senate energy committees filed into and out of the governor’s ceremonial office Wednesday morning to discuss […]

Lighting Retrofits

By Adam Fortier

We find ourselves today constantly trying to make environmentally conscious choices while struggling with the costs of “going green”. Unfortunately, it seems that the ability to be green comes with a price tag that has many of us struggling between the moral choice and the affordable one. Reductions in your energy consumption […]

Bristol Wi-Fi: A Step Forward or Backward?

It would seem that the town of Bristol offering free Wi-Fi access is a win-win for everyone (“Bristol soars into digital era with free Wi-Fi”, April 26). But there is a downside. This will allow people to gain access with their mobile devices and laptops while sitting in their parked vehicles, which on many occasions […]

Community Solar Energy

By Karl Kemnitzer

The Basics

Community Solar Energy is the placement of solar panels in a “shared” location, rather than on individual homes. Using this approach, CSE can make solar electricity accessible to many more people than would occur using all-separate installations. Shared installations allow owners of roofs that are shaded, don’t face south, or […]