Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Fossil Fuel-Free Water Sports

An Elco catamaran. (Elco)

George Harvey

When you imagine water sports, what comes to mind? Riding on a speedboat? Perhaps, water skiing? Or are you more inclined toward things that are relaxing, like fishing or sailing? Or possibly, are you inclined to be active, doing such things as rowing in races? […]

Can Tokyo Pull Off a Green Olympics?

U.S. gymnast, Simone Biles performs at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Image: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

Brett Yates

Edging out the FIFA World Cup, the Summer Olympics represents the world’s most popular sporting event, with an international television viewership that, over the course of more than two weeks, encompasses about […]

The Changing Face of XC Skiing

(This is a companion article for “Cross Country Skiing.”)

Family skiing on Great Glen trails. Courtesy image from Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

Roger Lohr

Throughout the years, there have been some significant transformations in XC skiing to the benefit of skiers.

XC Skis: The most recent trend in XC skis is […]

Cross Country Skiing: It’s Affordable, It’s Healthy and It’s ‘HOT’ Right Now

Family at Great Glen Trails in NH with Mt. Washington in the background. Photo courtesy of Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center

Roger Lohr

As a result of the pandemic, cross country (XC) skiing is booming across the USA as people want to get outdoors and recreate. Recently, U.S. Ski Team member Jessie Diggins […]

Greening Up Regional Golf Courses with Solar and More

Laurel Lanes Country Club takes pride in their 100% solar-powered status along with many other environmental practices. Photo: Joseph Videtta.

Roger Lohr

Golfing is among the favorite warm-weather recreational options with more than 24 million golfers in the U.S. and another 9.9 million who use driving ranges or indoor golf simulators. […]

COVID-Safe and Sustainable Summer Activities: Good for You and the Environment

The 146.16-kW solar system (shown in the background) at Laurel Lanes is a net-zero project that wipes out their entire electric utility bill. Photo: Joseph Videtta.

N.R. Mallery

“Social distancing” is actually quite easy while we’re outdoors, but we should not let our guards down. COVID-19 is still here, still active […]

Going for Green with Energy Efficiency at This Year’s Olympics

By Dawn Selak

Later this week, athletes proudly wearing their countries’ colors will fill the winter sports arenas of PyeongChang, South Korea, as they compete in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. But one color—green—will be present throughout the games, thanks to the PyeongChang Organizing Committee’s (POCOG) sustainability and energy efficiency efforts.

These efforts—including a high-speed […]

Who’s Really the Winner of the Super Games?

Welcome to the 2018 Sustainability Super Bowl!

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady drops back to pass in the second half of Super Bowl LII. Image: Brian Allen/Voice of America.

By Chris Gillespie

Since both the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles have impressive records when […]

Killington Resort’s Exemplary Sustainable Practices

By Roger Lohr

Ski areas in the U.S. continue to implement innovative energy conservation measures and environmental practices to reduce energy consumption and the effects of climate change. Killington Resort in Vermont strives and continues to exceed customer expectations as a steward in the battle against climate change.

Renewable-Sourced Electricity

Recently, Killington announced its intention […]

Red Sox vs Yankees:

How the Rivals are Both Scoring Home Runs in Sustainability

PLUS: Super Bowl LII Goes Green!

The famous “Green Monster” at Fenway Park in Boston, user. Map: Ben Blatt/Harvard Sports Analysis Collective

By Chris Gillespie

Whether you’re wearing Red Sox red or Yankees navy blue, if you’re attending one of […]