Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Led by Solar and Wind, U.S. Electrical Generation by Renewables Over the Past Year Has Grown by 17.5%

SUN DAY CAMPAIGN : Brief News Update & Analysis



According to […]

Will the New Carbon Battery Technology Replace Lithium for Energy Storage Next?

Different types of batteries have been available over the years. This is a lead-acid battery. (Courtesy photos)

Chris Milner

Battery storage is the fastest growing industry in the United States, with sales expected to exceed $50 billion by 2028. Grid instability, rising costs of electricity, and politics are the driving forces […]

Renewables and Energy Storage Have Arrived, Offering Consumers Significant Savings

Renewable energy power plants – photovoltaics, wind turbine farm and battery container. 3D rendering. (AdobeStock_248626760/malp)

Jonathan Dowds

We all know that renewable energy is the future. But recently something interesting happened: the future arrived.

It’s not all the way here – we are still getting far too much energy from […]

Renewables Survive Hurricane Ian!

Beating a Hurricane with Solar and Batteries!

The community of Babcock Ranch, just outside of Fort Myers, FL, never lost power when hurrcane Ian deevasted the area. (FPL)

George Harvey

The sun doesn’t always shine, but so what?

Hurricane Ian didn’t prevent solar power and batteries from providing electricity 24/7 […]

Beating a Hurricane With Solar And Batteries!

Babcock Ranch solar array. FPL image.

George Harvey

The sun doesn’t always shine, but so what?

It doesn’t prevent solar power and batteries from providing electricity 24/7 during a hurricane that shut down the grid in Florida. The big thermal plants just could not deliver electricity on the failed grid. […]

World’s first offshore renewable hydrogen production pilot site is inaugurated by Lhyfe

Nantes (France), 23 September 2022 – 06:00 am CET – Lhyfe (EURONEXT: LHYFE), one of the world’s pioneers in the production of green and renewable hydrogen, has inaugurated its offshore renewable green hydrogen production demonstrator yesterday in Saint-Nazaire. This is the first time in the world that renewable hydrogen will be produced at sea. The […]

The Inflation Reduction Act Just Shattered the Ceiling for Clean Energy in Vermont

op-ed by Peter Sterling

Incredibly and finally, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has begun the shift to a clean energy America. For the first time ever, the massive resources of the U.S. Government will be mobilized to move our country off of climate change causing fossil fuels and onto renewable energy sources like wind, […]

ReVision Energy’s Apprenticeship Program

Top: The ReVision Energy Electrical Apprenticeship Program (REEAP) hosted new solar installers from ME, NH, and MA at the South Portland branch for REEAP’s new PV101 training. Bottom: Led by REEAP Coordinator Ben Rubins, Safety Director Brad Costigan, Journeyperson Electrician Evan Provencher, and Journeyperson Electrician Caleb Turner, new electrical apprentices got dedicated time to […]

Wind Energy Training Program at VTC

Vermont Technical College students installing an anemometer (Courtesy photo).

Daniel Costin

As the program chair for the Renewable Energy Engineering Technology degree program at Vermont Technical College (VTC), I have oversight of the process to determine what subjects are taught. The key to this process is the involvement of an active advisory board […]

Zinc8 Decouples the Linkage Between Energy and Power

Zinc8 engineer working in the company’s research facility in Vancouver, BC. (Courtesy images: Zinc8)

George Harvey

There are many kinds of electric batteries. Given the needs for energy storage that exist today and will predictably come up in the future, it should not be at all surprising that many battery designs […]