Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

The Era of Cheap American Gas is Over

Alternative transportation when gas prices get too high. (Flickr/peggydavis66)

Sam Evans-Brown

In the past two weeks, New Hampshire residents learned that most of our electricity bills will skyrocket in August. For Eversource’s residential customers, the rate they pay kilowatt-hour will rise from 19 cents to more than 32 cents: 22 cents for the […]

What the End of Oil Looks Like

Tesla charging station with a rooftop solar collector. This station is located in Tejon Ranch, California. Photo:Wikimedia Commons.

By Randy Bryant

I was driving around town a month ago (windows still open) with a noisy truck on one side and a motorcycle on the other. So my mind wandered again to […]

Let’s Celebrate the 4th with a goal for Energy Independence!

Have we have missed the boat? True independence for our country will occur when we are energy independent, as well… […]

Call to Ban Hazardous Rail Shipments of Shale Oil

Community leaders and advocates call on the Secretary of Transportation to ban use of hazardous rail cars to ship explosive crude oil

The fireball that followed the derailment and explosion of two trains, one carrying Bakken crude oil, on December 30, 2013, outside Casselton, ND. – U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


Oil Speculators Use Iraq as Excuse to Drive Up Prices

Sanders’ Bill Would Invoke Regulators’ Emergency Powers

WASHINGTON, June 19 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today accused oil companies and Wall Street speculators of using unrest in Iraq as a phony excuse to artificially drive up crude oil and gasoline prices.

The price of oil today rose above $115 a barrel – a […]

A Legend is Gone, but not Lost: Michael C. Ruppert, Feb. 3, 1951 – April 13, 2013

Published originally on Apr 15, 2014

Abby Martin gives a heartfelt tribute to investigative journalist and former LAPD detective, Michael C. Ruppert, highlighting his career from exposing CIA drug trafficking to his groundbreaking research on ‘Peak Energy’ and remember his sincere devotion to truth and justice.

Michael was a huge […]

Oil and Gas Price Forecast for 2014

Reposted from SmartPlanet:

Whither the world of energy prices during the next 12 months? Energy analyst Chris Nelder grades his 2013 oil and gas price forecast, and gazes into the crystal ball for his 2014 predictions.

It’s the end of the year, and that means it’s time to review my oil and gas price forecast […]

Is This the End of Peak Oil?

By George Harvey

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) made an announcement in late October that sounds like it could change the world. They are bringing a technology to market that makes butanol from cellulose. The thing that makes this special is that they claim the process doing this is carbon-negative. In other words, the process […]

From Bernie Sanders, On Big Oil

In a significant shift, at least 29 major U.S. corporations, including the five biggest oil companies, expect that the government will force them to pay a price for carbon pollution to control global warming and are incorporating a price on carbon into their long-term financial plans, according to published reports on Thursday. Sadly, some in […]

Debunking the Keystone XL Pipeline

They can’t even get their lies straight anymore.

TransCanada, a foreign oil company, just launched a massive new advertising campaign making false claims that the Keystone XL pipeline would create thousands of new jobs for Americans.

The real number? Only 35 permanent jobs.

TransCanada and other pipeline supporters are trying to sell us a pipeline […]