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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

A Resolution to Take Action on Climate Pollution

John Gage at the Carbon Cash-Back Coalition table outside the polls at Windham High School on town election day, March 10, 2020. Windham, NH passed the resolution. Courtesy photo.

John Gage

This spring, voters in forty New Hampshire town meetings and local elections have a chance to ask their state and federal representatives […]

Vermont Long Committed to Acting on Climate Change – in Words at Least

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Johanna Miller

In 2006, the State of Vermont enshrined strong carbon pollution reduction goals in statute. Unfortunately, despite that commitment, Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions are 13% above 1990 levels, when they are supposed to have been cut significantly below that by now.

You need […]

Homefront Climate News: Direct from Alaska

Metlakatla, Alaska. Photo by Joey Mendolia, Alaska Public Media.

George Harvey

We have been aware for a long time of problems brought on by climate change in Alaska. Buildings have tilted as permafrost supporting them gave way. Heat waves like nothing in history have brought on wildfires. Exploitation of natural […]

FERC’S Latest “Infrastructure” Report

Major Changes In Its Three-Year Forecast: No New Coal Capacity; Net Reduction in Fossil Fuels; Significant Decline for Nuclear Power Net New Wind and Solar Capacity More Than Doubles Natural Gas

Ken Bossong

According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data released in the […]

US Cities Boost Clean Energy Efforts

Scorecard of 75 large U.S. cities reveals the top 10

U.S. cities are ramping up their clean energy efforts, notably with stricter energy-saving rules for buildings, but only a few cities appear on track to meet their community-wide climate goals, according to the 2019 City Clean Energy Scorecard, released today by the nonprofit American Council […]

Vermont Legislative Update

The Climate Solutions Caucus. Image: VPIRG

Jessie Haas

The rap on the 2019 Vermont legislature is that they didn’t get much done—notably, for climate activists, any kind of carbon pricing scheme – or the “Global Warming Solutions Act,” which would require the state government to act on Vermont’s climate pollution goals. So when […]

Movement on Decarbonization

Serious Step Forward Thwarted in Oregon

The Senate Republicans evidently thought it was a good idea to hide in Idaho. Photo: Sebastian Bergmann, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.0 Generic

J. D. Kaplan

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed,” says one Oregon state senator to taunt his governor, Kate Brown. She literally sent the police […]

New Hampshire Business Solar Summit

to be Hosted in Derry June 5, 2019

Ten ground-mounted solar trackers at Derry’s transfer station will yield 155,000kWh per year. The system was installed May 2018. Photo by Granite State Solar

Craig Lazinsky

The Town of Derry New Hampshire’s NetZero Energy Task Force, along with Tupelo Music Hall, are co-sponsoring a New […]

FREE Tesla Powerwalls for 100 GMP Low-income Families with Health Concerns

Green Mountain Power is offering Tesla Powerwall 2.0 batteries to 100 eligible customers, free of charge. A $150,000 grant from the Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity (VLITE) will pay for the cutting-edge technology and installation in the homes of low income customers with significant need for backup power reliability due to health and […]

Get Out of Jail Free Card: Carbon Capture


By Dr. James Hansen

There is enough popular misinterpretation of recent news about the cost of carbon capture that I should comment on that.

David Keith has done some of the most credible work on direct air capture of CO2, so his recent paper1 in Joule reporting on the cost of carbon capture deserves […]