Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Husqvarna: Sustainable Chainsaws

(And a world of outdoor equipment)

George Harvey

Those of us who know the editor of Green Energy Times, Nancy Rae Mallery, come to expect her energy and enthusiasm. That being the case, we are probably not terribly surprised to find that she has three chainsaws to keep herself supplied with firewood, all […]

Grazing Reduces Fire Fuels and Fire Danger

Goat grazing. (Flickr/Feather River Land Trust)

Jessie Haas

Our relationship with fire is one of the things that makes us human. Scientists theorize that fire helped us become homo sapiens; cooked food allowed us to shrink our gut over the millenia, and increase the size of our brains. We also have an ancient […]

Ring Out for Climate!

A seagull flies over the ancient alarm bell of Chersonesos, Crimea. (AdobeStock_76303108/Shchipkova Elena)

Bells of Fun Action for the Planet – Sat., October 30 at 2 pm

On Saturday, October 30th, a world-wide environmental and climate action event is happening. It is relatively simple to do and also a lot of fun. You […]

Got It Covered?

Cover crops are a popular option to protect the soil over the growing season. (

Jessie Haas

What if you could protect your farm crops or vegetable garden from drought, flooding, weeds, and insect pests, all in one fell swoop? What if that method could also build soil, sequester carbon, and feed beneficial […]

How to Build a Root Cellar at Home

A basement root cellar (

Scott Bish

Root cellars have been used to store food for centuries. They’re typically underground or partially underground cavernous cellars, where fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and gourds can be kept safe from heat and light and stored for days or even months at a time. Root cellars […]

Life in the Age of Unintended Consequences

Larry Plesent

We often speak of science and technology in the same breath. And there is logic to this as science can lead to changes in technology. The growth of technology is so basic to modern society that our financial system is largely based on investing in it, and in the predicted profits from its […]

What is Seven Feet Tall, Smells Like Chocolate and Wasn’t Visible a Few Weeks Ago?

David Fried

Jerusalem artichokes grow at author’s house. (David Fried)

Sometimes the earth around us is covered in leaves. Sometimes in snow. Right now, the entire land seems to be covered in Jerusalem artichokes.

This is a good thing. This is food for the body and food for the soul. The golden blossoms […]

NH School District Strives for Net-zero Emissions

Rendering of the new Oyster River Middle School in Durham, N.H. (Lavallee Brensinger Architects)

John S. Webster

A school district in New Hampshire is taking big steps toward net-zero–or even net-positive–power consumption. Oyster River Cooperative School District in Durham is nearing completion on a new middle school, and large parts of the project […]

Backyard Parks: The New Landscape Trend

Careful management of the building site permitted construction of this woodworking shop and art studio without disturbing the root system of nearby mature trees.

Casey Williams

Imagine opening your door to a yard filled with wildflowers and teeming with butterflies and songbirds. Imagine yard maintenance transformed from the joyless tasks of mowing and […]

New Ithaca Energy Code Makes History!

Ithaca Town Hall. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/Kenneth Zirkel

Dan Antonioli

On May 5, 2021, the city government of Ithaca, NY made green building history by passing an ordinance requiring all new buildings to be energy-efficient above and beyond the NY State Energy Conservation Construction Code – 40% or more efficient, to be exact. […]