Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

La Cíté Écologíque

Garden at La Cíté Écologíque, an intentional community in Colebrook, New Hampshire.

George Harvey

Whether we know it or not, nearly all of us are familiar with the idea of intentional communities. The colonies that became the United States were started with them. The first settlers in Plymouth and Jamestown set […]

How Much Land Do We Need for Solar?

According to a study from MIT, The Future of Solar Energy, the United States is expected to be able to power its demand for electricity in 2050 from 33,000 square kilometers of land ( That may seem like a lot of land, but it should be considered in comparison with other areas. We have […]

The International Energy Agency’s Energy Efficiency 2018 Report

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

RE: the release of the Energy Efficiency 2018 report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The report underscores efficiency’s critical role in meeting greenhouse gas reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement and highlights the disappointing news that efficiency investments have slightly decreased in the United States […]

Energy Efficiency for Renters

Evan Lawrence

Homeowners have a high degree of control over their home’s energy efficiency. Whether the house is new or old, they can choose heating and ventilation systems, insulation strategies, water heaters, appliances, and lighting. If the site, structure, local zoning, and budget allow, solar panels or geothermal system are renewable energy options.


Historic Home in Deerfield, MA Gets Retrofit and Restoration

It may be hard to believe this house, dating to before 1740 is a net-zero energy user. Photos courtesy of Kent Hicks Construction.

George Harvey

New houses with net-zero energy use are getting to be increasingly common. On the other hand, New England is full of old houses that really should […]

Certified B Corporations Lead the Way

Building a Sustainable, Responsible Twenty-First Century Economy

How Your Company Can Join the Movement of Using Business as a Force for Good

Chris Gillespie

In order to transition to a more sustainable society, it is imperative for our economy to evolve. Even the best-intentioned of government regulations cannot force this change to occur, […]

Climate Migration: A Glimpse of Our Probable Future


By Barbara Whitchurch

The phenomenon known as “climate migration” refers to the forced movement of living things to escape the life-threatening impacts of climate change.

Increasing temperature swings, droughts, tidal flooding, storm systems and wildfires are all causes of this evolving problem. But other shifts are also developing: rising sea levels […]

The Best Three Years in Climate History: Believe It or Not, It’s True

Carl Pope

Yes, the world fell far behind in controlling emissions and there’s much to be done. But there’s progress and hope.

How is climate progress faring? Hurricanes from Asia to the Carolinas, fires in California and Spain, floods in southern India and heat waves in Europe are sobering reminders of how much is at […]

Time for Real Change


By Dr. Alan K. Betts

Elections are coming up, and if we don’t vote for real change this November, many environmental disasters lie ahead. The U.S. is sinking deeper into a sticky web of lies from which truth, honesty and democracy may not escape. At the national level, this is […]

UNH Biomass Boiler Project Is Underway

Rendering of the completed Northwest Biomass Heating Plant at UNH in Durham, NH. Image: Weller & Michal Architects, Inc

Jim Van Valkenburgh

After a long summer of construction, Froling Energy is now finishing up the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) first large-scale biomass boiler system. The new Northwest Heating Plant will provide heat […]