Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Caveman Crayons

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Jessie Haas

Crayons are one of humankind’s oldest drawing media, invented right after the finger tracing a line in the dust. Archaeologists believe the oldest known piece of human art is a series of cross-hatches drawn across a shard of rock with an ochre crayon. Natural, wholesome, and […]

LEAF BLOWERS – Bad For the Environment and You

Leaf Blowers emit as much pollution in one hour as driving a 2016 Toyota Camry 1,100 miles.

Upwards of 170 American cities in 31 states (as well as five cities in three Canadian provinces) have some kind of leaf blower restrictions already in place. Credit: Dean Hochman, FlickrCC.

EarthTalk®, from the Editors of […]

Outdoor Gear – Taking on Sustainability

Tent maker, NEMO Equipment, is one of the smaller outdoor gear brands known for its commitment to sustainability. Image: Dean Hochman, FlickrCC.

Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss (EarthTalk®)

It’s true that Patagonia has long been a leader in sustainability initiatives. More than two decades ago the company switched over to organic cotton and […]

Extending The Growing Season with L.E.D. Grow Lights

LEDdynamics EverGrōT8 lights provide a longer growing season for lettuce sprouts and seedlings of Australian finger limes and fig trees in the greenhouse. Photo: Sylvie Singh-Lamy.

George Harvey

One of the nice things about the apartment where I live is the fact everyone here can take a share in the garden. […]


Chocolate-scented Jerusalem artichoke blossoms in front of colorful hazelbert bushes. Image: David Fried

David Fried

Each plant is a living testimonial proving that the universe likes contrasts. Like Gilligan and the Skipper, or Carlos and the flying nun, plants play off each other with light and color, shape and texture. The flower show […]

CVSWMD Helps Tunbridge Fair Compost 5.6 Tons of Food Scraps

A CVSWMD trained “Waste Warrior” checks the bins at one of the waste sorting stations set up at the Tunbridge Fair this year. Credit: Kelly Sammel, the Superintendent of Concessions for the fair.

Cassandra Hemenway

Picture five and a half rhinoceroses weighing one ton each: those rhinoceroses represent the size and scope of […]

Ingredient of the Month: Law of Sticktion

By Larry Plesent

Long time readers of this column will recall that this writer, like Einstein, believes there is only one set of rules that govern all matter and energy transactions inside this astonishing bubble that we call our universe. Taken to its logical extreme, this theory means that whether living or dead, slow moving […]

DIY Carbon Sponge: Try This At Home

Image: Wikipedia

Jessie Haas

Taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and storing it in the soil carbon sponge is a beautiful concept but can just anybody do it? Yes. If you work with any size parcel of land, you can do it directly. If you don’t, your choices as an individual can […]

The Top Green Colleges in the G.E.T. Region

It is nice to see that there was at least one college in every state G.E.T. covers which made a key environmental list – the Top 20 Coolest Schools list compiled by the Sierra Club. Green Mountain College (GMC) tied for first place and is the second college in the U.S. to reach carbon […]

Learning Intensive Develops Professional Skills

Acadia LeBlanc ’19, left, and Stephanie Malicki ’18, right, engage with community stakeholders to gather feedback and support for Franklin’s green infrastructure. Image: Michael Seamans

Jennifer White and Stacey Doll

Hands-on learning and transformational experiences are cornerstones of a Colby-Sawyer education, and through the Sustainable Learning Initiative (SLI) at Franklin, more than 280 […]