Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Support group net metering in New Hampshire! Hearing tomorrow-Thursday

Important amendments to their net metering laws in New Hampshire could help stabilize energy costs through renewable energy! […]

Insurers See Growing Risks and Costs from Climate Change

“…impact of global warming than the insurance industry who are speaking out about the need to reverse global warming.” … these extreme weather events, fit a pattern predicted by climate scientists, and we should take action now to minimize the damage that carbon pollution is causing to our country and our world.” […]

Friday 9 am. Support hydro bill at S148 hearing at legislature

In-state hydro is the cheapest renewable energy we have, but the most expensive to permit. Let’s get this changed! […]

GMP Enhances Merger Value for CVPS Customers

…the CEED Fund will invest in customer efficiency measures, community-based renewable energy, weatherization and other improvements… […]

It’s Time to Move On to Clean Renewable Energy!

Energy awareness, understanding and independence in a sustainable world can lead us into the future that we want to leave to our children…. […]

Local renewable industry poised to make ‘Vermont energy strong’

“Growing our own renewable energy in-state is in keeping with Vermonters’ desire for self-reliance, a clean energy future that leaves a better legacy for our children, and keeping our dollars local.” […]

Hydropower in Vermont – Healthy for our future!

Local food. Local energy. Energy was from the two H’s: horse power and hydro power. The power for the mills was from gravity and falling water — hydropower. And there is no shortage of hills and falling water in Vermont. […]

March 21: Energy Independence Day

Declare your energy independence by participating in Vermont’s first crowd-sourced film. […]

The ‘State of the Union Address’ is on my Mind…

one VERY important thing you sure got wrong in your speech, which is regarding CLEAN ENERGY! Clean energy does NOT include offshore drilling, gas fracking or coal. I have to consequently question your sincerity about Clean Renewable Energy, which should be one of your top concerns […]

Become Part of the VT Green Energy Revolution, Montpelier, 1/25

Let’s tell Montpelier that the faster we move towards a renewable energy future, the better we will stand in our fight against climate change. […]