Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Get a Robotic Mower and Take Back Your Time

Q: What’s wrong with this picture?A: No Handle!Q: What else is missing from this picture?A: No YOU!

N.R. Mallery, publisher of G.E.T.

Robots are all around us. From vacuum cleaners to vehicles, at work and home, they have arrived.

My personal favorites are my two robot lawnmowers. I tell everyone, they are the […]

Congress Approves North Country Trail Extension into Vermont 

Congress Approves North Country Trail Extension into Vermont

Roger Lohr

This April, Congress approved bipartisan legislation, the North Country National Scenic Trail Adjustment Act, introduced by Vermont Representative Peter Welch that will extend the 4,600-mile North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT) from Crown Point, New York into Addison County, […]

Boating with Muscles and No Fossil Fuels

Images courtesy of Tamsin Venn.

Tamsin Venn

One of the beauties of kayak touring is that it is so easy to do. Anyone can take up the activity with minimal instruction, and you don’t need to be the Hulk to move your boat nimbly over the water. You go […]

Rockin’ the Boat

The Hudson River Maritime Museum’s 100% solar-powered tour boat Solaris, formerly known as the Solar Sal-44, is on the Rondout Creek in Kingston, NY. Photo credit: Hudson River Maritime Museum.

Jenna Batchelder

As summer draws closer and the weather gets nicer, boating season will begin. Many people are looking into purchasing […]

Musical Performance to Educate on Climate Change

Counterpoint members

Green Energy Times Staff

Counterpoint is a professional a cappella group based in Vermont. It performs many kinds of music in all sorts of places. It has a mission beyond entertaining, however, and this includes performing in ways that benefit society. One of its specific goals is […]

Do We Have a Quorum?

Slide 23 from Common Ground: The Circle of Life presentation by Cat Buxton.

Jessie Haas

Soil is mysterious. We have identified only about 5% of soil micro-organisms, which means we have no idea what we’re doing when we garden, farm, or build. But we’re learning.

Recently, soil scientist Christine Jones introduced the idea […]

The Gift of Life, Again

Image: Ben Fulton

David Fried

Here in the north country of Vermont, winter with its swirls of snow and deep chunks of ice can have us wondering when will life begin again? The trees sway back and forth in the winds, and you can hear them cracking and popping on the coldest nights, […]

Dangerous Brew


Larry Plesent

I didn’t always love beer. That came later in life, after the craft beer revolution began taking off in the late 1980s. Give me a lightly hopped IPA with hints of citrus – almost heaven. But peeling back the layers, just how benign is that beer? Let’s get […]

Solar Panels on Agricultural Land

Sheep graze below solar panels. Photo: Merrill Smith, U.S. Department of Energy.

George Harvey

In April, two reports on the use of solar panels on agricultural land appeared almost simultaneously. One was a press release from Fraunhofer ISE, “Agrophotovoltaics: High Harvesting Yield in Hot Summer of 2018” (Fraunhofer report). […]

Please DO Eat the Dandelions

Dandelions are an important early food source for bees in the springtime. Image: Jo from Pixabay via Wikimedia Commons.

George Harvey

When I was about four years old, I visited my grandfather’s house in Kansas. One of the various things I remember about that trip was watching as he did yard […]