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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Driving our future

Combating climate change with cleaner, smarter cars

By Margo Oge, former director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, EPA

336 pages, Arcade Publishing, $25.99. Copyright 2015.

Book Review by N.R. Mallery

“Dedicated to all individuals and organizations who are working for a […]

The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm

The D Acres Model for Creating and Managing an Ecologically Designed Educational Center

By Josh Trought, 416 pages, Chelsea Green Publishing, $40.

Book Review by George Harvey

The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm is a resource book for anyone who wants to understand or practice permaculture. While it is aimed at practice at the community scale its […]


How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too

By Beth Terry, 375 pages, Skyhorse Publishing, plastic-free binding $16.99

Book Review by N. R. Mallery

This is an updated edition of Beth Terry’s 2012 book. In it, she continues her quest to live plastic-free. “Most books,” said Terry, “are full of plastic.” […]

Plant trees

to reduce your global footprint…

As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

…and for all the benefits they provide.

While fighting climate change, trees provide many benefits to all of us, […]

Heat Pump Clothes Dryers:

New Cutting Edge Appliances Use 40% Less Energy!

Neale Lunderville, General Manager of BED, Liz Gamache, Director of Efficiency Vermont, Lee Owen, Bouchard-Pierce General Manager. Photo courtesy Efficiency Vermont

By N. R. Mallery

A winner of the 2014 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award, heat pump clothes dryers combine the cutting edge […]

The Energy Efficient Comfort of Radiant Floor Heating

by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss

Underfloor radiant heating involves under-laying the floor with a hot element or tubing that transfers heat into the room via infrared radiation and convection, obviating the need for forced or blowing air.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Savers website, radiant heating has a […]

A Few Notes on Greenfield, MA

Clair Chang and John Ward of the Solar Store of Greenfield. Photo courtesy of Clair Chang.

By Green Energy Times Staff

Over the years, Greenfield has been a leading community in energy, efficiency, and sustainability. Five from recent history might be taken as representative.

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), which had originally […]

Sustainability Programs at Greenfield Community College

Court Square, Greenfield, MA

By George Harvey

Greenfield Community College (GCC) has a set of sustainability programs. A Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency option prepares students to work in energy and efficiency industries, and leads to an Associate of Arts degree (AA) or to a certificate. An Environmental Science/Natural Resources option can start a student […]

Net Zero Award for Home in Greenfield, MA

This home in Greenfield won the NESEA 2015 Zero Net Energy Building Award. Photo courtesy of NESEA.

By George Harvey

The home of Hannah Smeltz and Spartan Giordano of Greenfield won the North East Sustainable Energy Association’s (NESEA) 2015 Zero Net Energy Building Award. One thing interesting about the project is that it […]

Co-op Power

By George Harvey

Co-op Power is a grassroots member-owned co-operative focused on sustainable energy. By combining purchasing power of its members, it provides efficiencies of scale to make renewable power and products available inexpensively. It has a commitment to having a responsible presence in the community, based on economic and racial equality and a concern […]