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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Electrify with Heat Pumps Series

You owe it to yourself to get an inside look at what it takes to transform a building from fossil fuels to climate friendly, efficient electric heating. Register here for the final webinar devoted to the five 2021Geostar Top Job finalists as part of the NY-GEO 2021 Webinar Series.

This week’s Top Job session features […]

Talk with GMP About How You and Your Community Can Save on Driving and Heating! 

Vermont Regional Planning Commissions Host a Learning Opportunity with Green Mountain Power May 4, 2021 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Learn how GMP can help you and your community save while tackling the two biggest sources of carbon pollution in Vermont – driving and heating. Members of GMP’s innovation team are joining us for a […]

HeatSmart CNY Upcoming Events – Earth Day Related!

Learn How You Can Fight Climate Change and Lower Your Energy Use at Virtual HeatSmart CNY Events

SYRACUSE, NY – Do you pay too much to heat your home? Is your home drafty? Do you want to end your dependency on fossil fuels or chopping wood? HeatSmart CNY will be holding a segries of […]

Campton, NH School Energy Upgrade

The Campton Elementary School in Campton, New Hampshire. Courtesy photo: Froling Energy

George Harvey

In 2017, Green Energy Times ran an article, “Plymouth New Hampshire Regional High School Energy Efficiency Upgrades,” describing work done by Energy Efficient Investments (EEI) for New Hampshire’s School Administrative Unit 48 (SAU 48) to upgrade energy systems for […]

Heating and Cooling your Home with Clean Technologies Demystified

Georgena Terry

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) recently released a new guide to heating and cooling, prepared for the Vermont Public Service Department. If you need to replace your home’s existing central heat or hot water system, are looking for additional space heat, need whole-home or space cooling, or if you’re building a new […]

Why the New Tax Credit for Biomass Heating Systems is Good for New Hampshire

Joshua Singer

Efficient biomass heating systems, such as those fueled by locally-sourced wood chips or pellets, are a great way to update your old oil or gas boiler systems and save money at the same time. The upfront cost of these systems is slightly higher than fuel oil or gas boilers, but they offer on […]

Forest Sustainability Webinar


Professional foresters with decades of experience have a lot of stories to tell. They have seen good practices and bad ones, well managed stands and those that have been left on their own.

After working in, advising on and observing the growth of northern New England’s forests, our panel of 3 foresters and […]

Heat Pumps 101 Webinar

New Webinar! Register Now!

Heat Pumps 101: How They Work & How They Can Be Used

Title: Heat Pumps 101: How They Work & How They Can Be Used When: Wednesday March 31st, 3 – 430pm Register: Blurb: This webinar will cover topics related to how heat pumps operate, their inner workings, and […]

How New York’s State Capital Switched Off Natural Gas

Four years of combined efforts to stop installation of gas turbines for clean, surface water coupled electric chillers have helped to change policy in New York.

by Jay Egg

The Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York, was the vision and legacy of New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. The idea for the government complex […]

Windham County, VT Grants Available

Windham Regional Commission is pleased to announce competitive grant funding is available to assist commercial, non-profit or public entities in installing advanced wood heating systems through the Windham Wood Heat Initiative (WWH). WWH will provide grant funding of up to 25% of the installation cost (including design, installation, and acquisition costs of AWH systems and […]