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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Behind the Blue Bin – What Is Recycled?

Adam Minter

This article was originally published in the winter Sierra magazine and online on December 22, 2021

Local governments began distributing recycling bins in the 1970s. Those bins were largely reserved for the flood of daily headlines, as newspapers were attractive raw material for paper mills.

By the 1980s, many cities had also signed […]

The Ultimate Migrant Farmworkers

Birds Outperform Pesticides

A kestrel finds a rodent to feed on. (

Jessie Haas

If you’ve ever grown fruit or berries, you know the ambivialence farmers feel about birds. A beautiful and essential part of nature, they can also be a pest that eats into crops and profits, damaging from $104 […]

Green Sheets, and How to Clean Them

Bamboo paper towels are eco-friendly and are reusable. (

Jessie Haas

If you need new sheets and can afford it, invest in organic cotton, linen, bamboo, or eucalyptus tencel. Invest is the right word, so choose what’s likely to be the most durable; probably linen, a very strong fiber […]

Who is Responsible for Recycling?

(EPR graphic:

Roger Lohr

Who is responsible for recycling to reduce plastic, cardboard and paper packaging waste – those who use products or those who produce products? Recent articles in the New York Times and Associated Press informed about the Natural Resources Council of Maine program to address the volatile […]

What Do Net-Zero Emissions Pledges Really Mean?

Ørsted’s Tunø Knob offshore windfarm ( RhinoMind. CC-BY-SA 4.0. (

George Harvey

There is some good news on emissions. According to, 136 countries, 111 regions, 235 cities, and 681 large companies have made net-zero pledges. That covers 90% of the gross domestic products and 85% of the people on Earth.


Ice Fishing 101

A little boy fishing on a frozen lake. (AdobeStock_191502048/Oleh)

Kenneth Reaves

Though factors such as climate change, pollution, and invasive species have long threatened the sport of angling, it looks like ice fishing is here to stay. As northern climates continue to welcome an abundance of prize-worthy catches, anglers from all over the […]

Gifts that Go Green for Your Holidays

Janis Petzel, M.D.

Looking for gift ideas this year that will not only please the recipient but will ease the path to a greener world, and which won’t create (much) pollution or trash? Here’s a list to inspire your creativity. The idea is to reduce consumerism as much as possible while keeping the environment in […]

Stratton Mountain, VT Signs On For Solar Power

Wallingford, Vermont Community Solar Array (Courtesy photo)

Stratton Mountain Resort (Stratton) has entered a power-purchase agreement to be the recipient of solar energy produced by Sea Oak Capital’s 500-kilowatt AC solar array in Wallingford, Vermont. Located 40 miles north of Stratton Mountain, the newly completed solar array has the ability to generate approximately […]

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs and Walnuts

Inside the green husk is a black walnut. Doesn’t it look like it comes from Mars? (David Fried)

David Fried

Black walnut trees were rare in northern Vermont when I first looked around in the late 70s. There were a few in a cemetery in East Calais, and two on an old […]

Ingredient of the Month: Don’t Blame the Cow

Larry Plesent

Twenty years ago, a young man took upon himself the mission of expanding inner city gardens. He wanted to do this for all the right reasons. He wanted to create fresh food, knowledge of where our nourishment comes from and a safe green neighborhood environment. What he envisioned was both a respite and […]