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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Using Permaculture Plants to Repel Insects in the Yard and Garden

by David Fried

Sometimes what a cat likes, an insect hates.

Throughout time, people who have time outdoors have known what to plant to keep insects from biting them constantly. We seem to have forgotten some of these plants and their usefulness and ease of growing.

Growing food without poisons.Painting by Gabriel […]

Winter in the Permaculture Home Kitchen

Elderberry syrup made with honey and dried elderberries.

By Kay Aihla McGrenaghan Cafasso

Permaculture design and gardening continues all year, even when the growing season is at rest. It is essential to continually ask: How we can we be more efficient with our time and energy, live with greater health consciousness, meanwhile working […]


How to grow nutrient dense soil sprouted greens in less than 10 days

By Peter Burke.

196 pages. Chelsea Green Publishing. © 2015, $29.95

Book review by N.R. Mallery

Part of sustainability is taking responsibility and being accountable for our needs. While Green Energy Times focuses much attention on renewable energy, building efficiency, […]

Under-stories: Growing Fruits and Nuts in a Small Space

By David Fried

What if you could grow nine types of fruits and nuts in the space that you would need to turn around with your arms outstretched? If you have one spot in your yard where you can do this and it gets at least one half to three quarters of a day of […]

Backyard Elderberries

Low-maintenance elderberries for an effortless, bountiful harvest.

Fruit of the native elderberry. Photo by D. Fried.

By David Fried of Elmore Roots

Using our experience from 36 years of growing elderberries on a rugged hillside, in Elmore, Vermont, Zone 3, we offer this effortless recipe for a successful start to a fruitful ending, […]

International Compost Awareness Week Kicks off May 1st!

Winning poster design by Yessi Budisari of West Indonesia. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Composting Council.

Across the USA, events featuring food scrap diversion, organics recycling, and the use of compost as a solution to soil and water challenges worldwide will be the focus of celebration for International Compost Awareness Week, May 1-7, […]

Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country

By Courtney White (Chelsea Green Publishing, May 2014, 272 pages, Paperback $19.95)

Book Review by Jennifer Highland

When was the last time you saw a book about climate change that featured the word “hope”? That alone is good reason to read this book and share it with everyone you know. Author Courtney White is so […]

Gardening Freedom. Take Your Summer Back!

The founder of GardenMats, Peter Comart, proudly stands in his own weed-free garden that has produced a bountiful garden paradise. Courtesy photo

By N. R. Mallery

I love to garden, and grow about 80% of what I eat. But I am also a very busy person, and I find it very […]

Welcome This Early Spring

By Dr. Alan K. Betts

When the Earth becomes vibrant again with life in spring, we welcome the change, and many feel a surge of joy and gratitude. I know that spring is very early this year – the daffodils bloomed in Pittsford in March, the earliest date ever. This is no surprise as winters […]

Plant an Earth Day Tree with UNH Master Gardeners and The Littleton Food Co-op

LITTLETON, N.H.— Join the Littleton Food Co-op, the University of New Hampshire Master Gardeners and the Earth Day Network in celebrating the 46th anniversary of Earth Day on Sunday April 24 from 11 am – 1 pm at the Littleton Co-op in Littleton, NH. This year’s celebration is focused on an ambitious goal set forth […]