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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Health Dangers of Fracking Revealed in Johns Hopkins Study

From EcoWatch

A new study out today from Johns Hopkins in Environmental Health Perspectives revealed associations between fracking and various health symptoms including nasal and sinus problems, migraines and fatigue in Pennsylvanians living near areas of natural gas development. The study suggests that residents with the highest exposure to active fracking wells are nearly […]

New Report:

19 Proposed Fracking Pipelines Would Push Us Past Point of No Return, Report Finds

by Lorraine Chow

The U.S. will burst through its emission-reduction target under the Paris climate agreementif the 19 natural gas pipelines proposed in the Appalachian Basin come to fruition, according to a new study.

The report, A Bridge Too […]

Duke Study: Rivers Contaminated With Radium and Lead From Thousands of Fracking Wastewater Spills

Sharon Kelly, DeSmogBlog | May 9, 2016

Thousands of oil and gas industry wastewater spills in North Dakota have caused “widespread” contamination from radioactive materials, heavy metals and corrosive salts, putting the health of people and wildlife at risk, researchers from Duke University concluded in a newly released peer-reviewed study


Some rivers and […]

GASWORK, The Fight for C.J.’s Law

From Josh Fox, Director of “Gasland,” comes GASWORK, The Fight for C.J.’s Law

Josh will be on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes on October 2.

We are excited to share our new short film with you today. GASWORK, The Fight for C.J.’s Law investigates deadly working conditions […]

Fracked Gas is Worse than Coal

Josh Fox and Lee Zeische were arrested protesting fracked gas storage in salt caverns under Seneca Lake. Photo courtesy of ‘We Are Seneca Lake.’

By Josh Fox and Lee Ziesche

A duplicitous and dangerous shift in energy is unfolding across our country. As part of the Obama Administration’s climate plan, coal-fired […]

Sane Energy Project’s Interactive Fracked-gas Infrastructure Map

At the Ithaca, New York stop of The Solutions Grassroots Tour: “A Solar Home Companion” local organizer, Stephanie Redmond, asked a very important question of Josh Fox, who had filmed the documentary, Gasland.She wanted to know when he was going to join the Seneca Lake Defenders and get arrested protesting fracked-gas storage in salt […]

Victory! Pipeline Expansion Halted!


Tuesday, after a nearly three year fight to stop the Addison County fracked gas pipeline, Vermont Gas Systems announced it will not proceed with its proposal to build Phase 2 of the pipeline expansion.

We’ve known all along that this pipeline was a bad investment for Vermont’s energy future. I’m glad […]

Senate Rejects Tar Sands Pipeline

TELL BERNIE: What issues interest you most?

The Senate on Tuesday defeated a House-passed bill to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a leading opponent of the project, said it would be “crazy” to promote the use of the dirtiest oil on the planet while scientists […]

Act of War: Congress Authorizes Keystone XL Pipeline

By Bill Moore

Known as the Sioux, the Lakota of America’s Great Plains have fought fiercely for their rights, especially when it endangered their wellbeing, first Red Cloud’s War and the Lakota War of the 19th century, then the siege of Wounded Knee in 1973. Now they see the authorization […]

URGENT: The House is voting on Keystone XL

The House of Representatives is voting on approving Keystone XL today! Tell your representative to protect our environment by voting NO »

There’s literally no time to waste, so I’m going to get right to it: The Keystone XL pipeline, the massive environmental threat that we’ve been battling against for years, will be […]