Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Warm and Cool Homes – Part Three:

The Burns’ Straw Bale Home

The Burns’ straw-bale home (AndreaBurns)

Wes Golomb

This is the third in a series of articles based on Wes Golomb’s newly published book and video series, Warm and Cool Homes, Building a Comfy, Healthy, Net-Zero Home You’ll Want to Live in Forever. The book […]

Energy Efficieny Remodel in Maine

An Efficiency Remodel in Maine Shows the Way

Martha and Jesper’s finished deep energy retrofit from the back. Notice the Mitsubishi mini-split at the far right. (Images: the Whitchurches)

Barb and Greg Whitchurch

Is it hard to keep your home comfortably cool when it’s very hot outside? Cozy warm […]

Interpreting IR Images

A Bunch of B.S. (Building Science, of course):

Worth A Thousand Words: An IR Image With a Lot to Say

Nate Gusakov, BECxP

IR image and its twin visible light image. Both were taken at the same time in an office building looking up at a vaulted ceiling with skylights on both […]

Getting Serious About Weatherization

Weatherization Assistance Program in Northern New England

Air sealing keeps the cold air out in winter and cool air in in summer. It makes your heater burn less fuel and your air conditioners work easier. It is one of the fundamental parts of weatherization. (Community Environmental Center/Flickr)

By Michael Daley and the […]

Save Energy and Stay Warm This Fall with These Window Installation Tips

PHIUS-certified casement and fixed windows in a modern Passive House designed home. Photo courtesy of Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems.

Jeff Barsalou

Buying new energy-efficient windows is an exciting time. Whether you’re doing it to reduce the energy bill, enjoy comfortable, consistent home temperature, or hear less noise from the outdoors, the benefits […]

Playing Defense on Energy Efficiency in the NH Legislature

In the last session, advocates were forced to counter efforts to stymie progress.

Photo courtesy Jimmy Emerson/Flickr

Kelly Buchanan and Sam Evans-Brown

Energy policy

The 2022 legislative session started early when it comes to energy policy. In November 2021, after nearly a year of delay, state regulators […]

Vermont Reaping the Benefits of Yesterday’s Forward-Looking Energy Policies


Jonathan Dowds

New Hampshire households are about to get hit hard, really hard, by rate hikes that will increase electricity bills by an average of more than $70 a month. These unprecedented rate hikes reflect surging natural gas prices and New Hampshire’s ill-fated decision to tie its electricity prices to volatile fossil […]

Tues, August 9th: How To Save Energy in Your Home

To help preserve our planet, Sustainable Lebanon has launched a Second Tues at Seven Speaker Series (via Zoom).

Speaking this Tuesday, August 9th at 7 pm will be Rob Anderegg, author of “Turning Intentions into Actions: A Homeowner’s Guide to Long-Range Energy Planning.”

By budgeting for energy use, homeowners can begin to make long-range […]

The impact of policy changes on United States’ energy transition


When Congress passed last year’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the stage was set for a very different future in terms of how the United States viewed its responsibility to climate change. With historic investment in clean energy transmission, the first ever […]

Five Important Benefits of Home Energy Auditing

by Allen Brown

Energy generation in the U.S. is predicted to change in the next 30 years, with solar moving from 3% to 30% in 2050! In times of change, it’s worth considering where you want to get your energy from in the future, and that’s where home energy auditing comes in.

Do you wish […]