Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

More Solar for Rutland, VT – Solar Farm at Rutland Regional

GMP issues a request for proposals for the construction of the Solar Center at Rutland Regional, a solar farm and educational center planned for Allen Street. […]

US Government provides efficiency fund for rural businesses

by Priyanka Shrestha

reposted from ENERGY LIVE NEWS

The US Government is calling on small businesses in rural areas and agricultural producers to seek help for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is providing funding through its Rural Energy for America Programme (REAP) which aims to help businesses […]

Schedule Changes for the Energy Generation Siting Policy Commission

Vermont Public Service Department Announces Schedule Revisions and Additions for Upcoming Public Hearings and Meetings of Energy Generation Siting Policy Commission

The Governor’s Energy Generation Siting Policy Commission has rescheduled its sixth deliberation meeting, which was originally scheduled for March 20 but was postponed due to inclement weather. The meeting will now take place on […]

Upcoming Public Hearings of Energy Generation Siting Policy Commission

Montpelier, Vermont – The Governor’s Energy Generation Siting Policy Commission will hold its final two public hearings on its charges and draft recommendations on Friday, March 29 and Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

The March 29 hearing will take place from 5-7 p.m. via Vermont Interactive Television (VIT). Members of the public are invited to address […]

Which energy source makes the most sense?

DearVermont Senators:

With our state budget facing significant challenges and our global ecosystems being increasingly challenged by higher greenhouse gas levels, it is vitally important that we spend our limited first electric grid dollars in a way which best solves our urgent combined clean energy and environmental cleanup needs. This is not to say we […]

An open letter to the members of the Vermont State Senate

Senators of Vermont;

We at Green Energy Times are passionate about energy. We are passionate about global warming. We have been working on these issues for years, studying, writing, and letting people know everything we can that will move us to a better world. It is hard work, with long hours at low pay, but […]

$2 Million now available for Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program

From Andrew Perchlik, Vermont Public Service Department, Clean Energy Development Fund:

As of today, Wednesday, March 13, 2013 the CEDF’s Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program (SSREIP) is open and accepting new incentive reservations for photovoltaic, solar hot water, and small wind systems.

New revised forms as well as the SSREIP Terms, Conditions and Requirements […]

Tokelau needs our help taking on Fossil Fuels and Global Warming


Malo ni! My name is Mikaele Maiava. I’m writing from the Pacific Island archipelago of Tokelau to ask you to join with us in action as we take on the fossil fuel industry.

Last October, Tokelau turned off the last of its diesel generators. In their place, we […]

Can We Balance a Grid Supplied by Wind and Solar?

Iceland produces 100% of its electricity and 80% of all energy from renewables, and Uruguay produces ten times the electricity it needs from hydro, keeping the 10% it uses and exporting 90%… […]

Sen. Sanders states that Obama needs to turn words into action!

No one who is serious about protecting the future of our planet and reversing global warming could support this pipeline project…. […]