Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Contractor Spotlight: Al Jeffers & Sons, Townshend, VT

Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network (EEN)

Interview with Tim Jeffers, President

Al Jeffers and Sons, Inc. team (Courtesy photo)

G.E.T. Staff

G.E.T.: How did you get started in this industry?

Tim Jeffers: The business started in 1977 as a partnership with my father, my brother, Joe, and […]

Breaking Ground for First Community-Networked Geothermal Heating and Cooling System

Researchers Sumeet Sinha and Yaobin Yang attach a fiber optic cable to the water pipe.

Carrie Klein

Framingham, Massachusetts is the site of the first gas-utility-run networked geothermal system, ever! Once complete, this network of water-filled pipes, heat pumps and boreholes will provide heating and cooling to a community of over […]

Amish Couple Embraces Solar Power and a Mini-split

The property is powered by a 12 kWh photovoltaic solar array. (Courtesy photos)

Dan Vastyan

As inverter-driven mini-split technology gains HVAC market share by roughly 30% each year, it’s being embraced in even the unlikeliest of places.

Eastern Indiana is home to a growing Amish community, where members are drawn […]

New and Expanded Ground-Source Heat Pump Tax Credits

Charles R. Goulding and Jacob Goldman

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) greatly expanded the tax benefits for ground source heat pumps (GSHP) for both commercial taxpayers and for system designers effective January 1, 2023.

GSHP tax credits increased from 10% to a potential 50% tax credit and the EPAct Section 179D designer […]

Lowering Your Carbon Footprint for 2023

Have you ever felt like reducing your own greenhouse gas emissions is too big of a challenge to tackle? We know it can be hard to make big changes to your lifestyle or habits. But there are things you can do around your own home to reduce your carbon footprint.

Almost all forms of […]

New Climate Extremes

Hurricane Ian’s catastrophic storm surge was so powerful that it piled up boats on land in downtown Ft. Myers, Florida marina. (Dylan Federico)

Dr. Alan Betts

Extraordinary climate extremes around the globe that appear to reflect the Earth’s perspective on climate have continued since my last update in August. After talking […]

Is Achieving 1.5ºC Possible?

This Tuvaluan girl is holding her sign at a site she picked as an example of environmental degradation. Tuvalu is expected to become covered by the ocean in under 25 years, displacing the entire population. (

John Bos

How do we talk about issues that really matter, such as our climate […]

Local Author of They Knew Calls for Transformation to Overcome Greed and Apathy

James Gustave Speth

Roger Lohr

James Gustave Speth, who lives in Strafford, VT and is known as Gus, gave a talk to his neighbors at the Universalist Church in town regarding his life and thoughts on environment and related politics. He has been quoted that today’s environmental challenges and climate change […]

The Royal Visit to Boston / Earthshot Prize

The Prince and Princess of Wales at the 2021 Earthshot Prize ceremony. (Photo by the U.S. Ambassador to the U.K.)

George Harvey

The Earthshot Prize was founded in 2020 by William, now Prince of Wales, and Sir David Attenborough to encourage environmentalism. Every year, awards are given out to winners in […]

Waterkeepers in Our Midst

Today the water in the Connecticut River is clear and much cleaner than it was 30 years ago. (Courtesy photo)

Jessie Haas

Many of us are old enough to remember when canoeing on the Connecticut River (or many other waterways in the Northeast) posed a health hazard. Swimming was […]