Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Go Fast, Go Silent, Go Clean on an Electric Snow Machine

Taiga’s Nomad electric snowmobile offers the benefits of being a clean, quiet, low maintenance machine. (Taiga Motors)

Michael J. Daley

Imagine you acquired a passion for snowmobiling before your climate consciousness awakened. Imagine the twinge of conscience before each ride as you pour ten gallons of liquid fossil fuel into the […]

Farm-to-School Learning with Cornucopia Project

Student farmers bunch harvested garlic scapes for summer CSA members. (Cornucopia Project)

Jill McLaughlin

From teaching high schoolers how to bend conduit pipes to showing kindergarteners the power of the sun with UV beads, our ReVision Energy climate education team has found that the best way to teach kids is through […]

Clean and Green at Home in 2023


Larry Plesent

Modern Americans have been conditioned to believe that every surface needs its own individual specialty cleaner. While this is a terrific boost to someone’s bottom line (not yours), here is the inside information on how to be eco-nomical while being eco-logical.

To clean and maintain the average home or […]

Seaberries of My Dreams

Seaberries grown at Elmore Roots are easy to grow and have a great flavor to use in your drinks. (Courtesy photo)

David Fried

There are four questions horticulturists and gardeners need to ask:

1. Would you like a cup of tea?

2. Do astronauts always take this drink into […]

Improving Sustainable Building Practices with BIM

Rose Morrison

Global warming is no longer something humans can ignore. Rising oceans, temperatures and extreme weather have already negatively affected coastal areas on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and everywhere in between. The time has come to start thinking sustainably for the future.

Building information modeling (BIM) benefits sustainable construction. […]

Book Review: Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average

Bigger Than Tiny, Smaller Than Average by Sheri Koones. Published by Gibbs Smith, Layton, UT, 2022

Reviewed by Janis Petzel, M.D.

When my husband and I decided to build our house in 2013, we loved the idea of a tiny house, for energy efficiency, mindful use of space, and their cuteness. But […]

Energy Efficient Refrigeration

Wes Golomb

After heating and cooling, two of the larger residential energy consuming devices are the refrigerator and freezer. It’s no wonder. These appliances are used 24/7 accounting for about 17% of residential energy consumption.

Incremental improvements in the cooling process and the thermal performance are continually making refrigerators and freezers […]

The Wall Doctor of Vermont Is Moving Forward with Gordon’s Window Decor

Bill and Judy Galdi started the Wall Doctor in 1986 quickly becoming a fixture in the community. Now, after 37 years Bill has decided to retire and has sold the Wall Doctor to Gordon’s Window Décor of Williston, VT to ensure the continuation of service and quality that his customers have come to […]

Building High-performance Homes Through the Winter

Green Energy Times Staff

Building season doesn’t need to stop in the winter. Some high-performance builders know how to keep their work flow moving comfortably forward in the winter for many reasons. We asked some in our area how they do it. Here is what we learned.

Panels in a climate controlled warehouse. […]

Hazards from Using Natural Gas in your Home

Cookstoves, Heat, Hot Water and Pipelines

It is estimated that up to 1.3% of the gas used in stoves leaks into the atmosphere. This seems trivial, but since there are more than 40 million gas stoves in the U.S., the emissions have about the same climate change effect as the carbon dioxide from […]