Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Solar on Schools Resource Guide for K-12

NREL sponsored the “Solar on Schools” program that was adopted by Jeffco Public Schools, the largest district in Colorado. Chatfield High School students learn about photovoltaics on the school’s roof. Credit: Dennis Schroeder

What is Solar Energy?

There are two main types of solar systems in use at schools: (1) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) […]

Get Rich (Compost) Quick!

Let Worms Eat Your Garbage

By Grace Dunklee Cohen

Ugh – worms eating garbage, right in your kitchen? Isn’t that dirty and smelly?

Recycling food scraps by feeding them to composting worms. The nutrient-rich byproducts – worm castings and compost tea – fertilize indoor and outdoor plants. Photo: Karen A. Mason.

Surprisingly, no. […]

Emerging Frontiers in Bioenergy

From Ponds to Fuel Tanks: The Role of Algae in our Energy Future

By Ellen Kahler

The Vermont Bioenergy Initiative’s work to uncover potential for a Vermont bioenergy market sector began in 2003. At that time, there was no such thing as a bioenergy industry in the state and producing locally made biodiesel from locally […]

Eating Locally with Winter’s Harvest

Kale and chard growing in the greenhouse for winter greens

By Sylvia Davatz

“But what will I do for salad in January?” runs the perennial question when one advocates eating locally. This lament has sent me on a mission to explore the growing season’s extension from every angle. In late fall, as I […]


Double Wall Construction

By Michael Goetinck

There are several benefits to double wall construction such as:

Increased cavity depth to achieve higher R-values. Reduced thermal bridging so the entire wall assembly has a greater resistance to heat transfer.

Interior double wall framing for a door or window opening’s header in double-wall construction. Photo […]

Green Builders in our Midst – PreCraft

Crew members at an Ironwood installation site.

By George Harvey

Eli Gould, founder of PreCraft, embarked on an unusual career path while he was a student in college. His decision to do a dual major in architecture and forestry was met with an incredulous question from the administration at Yale, who asked, “What […]

Prevent Outlet Drafts

Green Energy Times Staff

We have come across a nice-looking little device that can help reduce outlet drafts and improve household safety at the same time. It comes from a company called, “Mommy’s Helper,” located in Wichita, Kansas.

Safe-Plate™ is an automatic outlet cover. With the product installed, it looks nearly identical to a standard […]

Questions to ask your builder

A blower door test to find air intrusions is important for any new structure. Photo by Ecotribu.

By George Harvey

As I chatted with a woman in a local food store, I mentioned how the energy market was changing, rapidly making energy more affordable. She asked, “How so?”

“Well, for example, an architect […]

Low Hanging Fruit

Air Sealing: “windbreaker” for your Home

By Mark Boudreau

It’s happening right now. The wind is blowing. Your house is warm or at least “warmish”. Outside, it’s cold!

You may have noticed the drapes beginning to flutter or perhaps a draft at your feet, head, or shoulders. Many drafts come from air leakage. Air leakage […]

A Book to Remember – Again

Solar Living Sourcebook

By John Schaeffer, New Society Publishers, 463 pages, $39.95

Book review by George Harvey

My first big engineering project was done with a little help from my Dad, who knew how to multiply and divide. In it I showed that it was flat-out impossible for a single Santa Claus to deliver all […]